Data Analyst
Janette Jeffries

Client • Mar 30, 2024

Zain is very thorough and efficient in everything she does. She is extremely communicative and I look forward to many more projects with her. Her research and writing skills are top-notch!

Grace Blest-Hopley • Hystelica

Client • Mar 29, 2024

Zain is a wonderful human being with a real passion for her work. What impresses me most about Zain, is her drive to 'find out' - she has carried out quality research, unprompted, in order to achieve the best results. Furthermore, her 'can do' attitude has allowed me to expand on my expectations and scope for the work. I highly recommend Zain as a quality young data scientist, researcher and all round asset!

David Passiak • Creator Pro AI

Client • Mar 29, 2024

Zain is very detail oriented, always on time, reliable, trustworthy, excellent communication, and a pleasure to work with. She is an enthusiastic self-starter. You never have to follow-up or worry if she is getting something done. I am very impressed by her dedication to learn AI and data science. She is always learning and always improving herself, taking extra classes and certifications on top of working and school. I admire her spirit and dedication. You are lucky to have her on your team