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Matt Bierman's avatar
Top Independent

Matt Bierman

New York, NY, USA

Bridging the gap between design and development

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Matthew Haar's avatar

Matthew Haar

Richmond, VA, USA

Will work for Fun

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kathan   Chaudhari's avatar

kathan Chaudhari

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Full stack developer

Sheng Yu's avatar

Sheng Yu

Beijing, China

Web Developer / Blockchain Developer

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Ethan Mak's avatar

Ethan Mak


Rockstar Desktop Application Developer

Frida Wiig's avatar

Frida Wiig

Gothenburg, Sweden

Visual Eye, Technical Mind. Let's Make Magic

Klimt Creations's avatar

Klimt Creations

Barcelona, Spain

Immersive web experiences at klimtcreations.com

Toqir Chatha's avatar

Toqir Chatha


Expert Webflow Developer | Leading DIYers to Webflow Success

Alexa Kayman's avatar

Alexa Kayman

New York, NY, USA

Framer & Webflow Dev for High Growth Startups

Juš Lozej's avatar

Juš Lozej

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bringing your digital products to life

Jason Jerez's avatar

Jason Jerez

Queens, NY, USA

Creative Developer + Interaction Designer

Ojas Shukla's avatar

Ojas Shukla


Helping Early Startups by building Creative Design

Studio Syntactico's avatar

Studio Syntactico

Zagreb, Croatia

Turning ideas and designs into reality.

Brady Patterson's avatar

Brady Patterson

Austin, TX, USA

Your Zero-to-One Design Partner ✨

Dwayne Paisley-Marshall's avatar

Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fluidity in Creative Technology & Design

Adam Roberts's avatar

Adam Roberts

United Kingdom

Senior Design Engineer. Brand, UI/UX & React Dev.

Ehsan Hashmi's avatar

Ehsan Hashmi

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Elevate your project with expert coding finesse.

Adam NAILI's avatar



Creative Developer • 3D Graphics • React, Three.js

Ivan Alekseev's avatar

Ivan Alekseev


Certified Wix Velo Expert & App Developer 🌟

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