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Shaygan aghajani's avatar

Shaygan aghajani

Toronto, Canada

Front End Developer With Over 7 Years Of Experienc

Victor | Pillow's avatar

Victor | Pillow

United States

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Web Solution

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Tierrah Rivera's avatar

Tierrah Rivera

New York, United States

Designing for Elevating Distinguish Brands

Daniel Filat's avatar

Daniel Filat

Timișoara, Romania

Robust interfaces with modern tools

Tasnuva Huda's avatar

Tasnuva Huda

Hackensack, United States

Software Engineer, Web & Mobile Dev 💻

João Nina Matos's avatar

João Nina Matos

London, United Kingdom

Simple, Fast & No Bullsh*t React & Node Developer

Greys Acosta Peña's avatar

Greys Acosta Peña

London, United Kingdom

Multilingual UX Designer with 3+ years exp

Telmo Amaro's avatar

Telmo Amaro


20+ yrs Innovating Software for Diverse Industries

Antonio Pagone's avatar

Antonio Pagone


Obsessive Video & Graphic Designer

Carola Giarrizzo's avatar

Carola Giarrizzo


Versatile Brand & Web Designer 🎨

Toyo Omolade's avatar

Toyo Omolade

Melbourne VIC, Australia

UI/UX Design Enthusiast🛸

Prisca Aure's avatar

Prisca Aure

Paris, France

Creative ReactJS & React Native Engineer 🎨

The Avery Studio's avatar

The Avery Studio

London, United Kingdom

Web Designer for Female Entrepreneurs

Valerii Rumak's avatar

Valerii Rumak

Terrassa, Spain

Software Engineer (React Native, React, Node.js)

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Aleksandar Savic's avatar

Aleksandar Savic

Toronto, Canada

Builder of Applications ✨

Jonathan Fernández's avatar

Jonathan Fernández

Valencia, Spain

Software Engineering Manager & Tech Leader

Charles Arcodia's avatar

Charles Arcodia

Colorado, United States

Techstars Alumni: Mobile/Web Engineer

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