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Fatima Zehra 🌙's avatar
Top Independent

Fatima Zehra 🌙

Toronto, ON, Canada

🪄 Cultivating magic, one brand at a time.

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Rodrigo Lamadrid's avatar
Top Independent

Rodrigo Lamadrid

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

You Think It, I Write It 👇

Recommended 2x
Amy Suto's avatar
Top Independent

Amy Suto

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Book Ghostwriter, Editor, & Content Creator ✨

Recommended 2x
James Seykot's avatar
Top Independent

James Seykot

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Consultant, Marketer, and Writer

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Mia Salas's avatar
Top Independent

Mia Salas

Lawrence Township, NJ, USA

Social and Digital Media for Startups

Recommended 5x
Sofia Bakhtiiarova's avatar

Sofia Bakhtiiarova

Barcelona, Spain

UX/UI Designer bringing value to your product

Recommended 1x
Ema Kaplani's avatar

Ema Kaplani

Belgrade, Serbia

Experienced Marketer and Content Specialist💡

Victoria Anne Wise's avatar

Victoria Anne Wise

United Kingdom

Native English Editor and Writer

Danielle DiPre's avatar

Danielle DiPre

Atlanta, GA, USA

Content Writer | Copywriter

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Nikol Hayes's avatar
Top Independent

Nikol Hayes

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Passionate Tech-Savvy Developer 💡

Muhammad shuaib ayyub's avatar

Muhammad shuaib ayyub

United Kingdom

⭐️ Dedicated Customer Support Representative

Recommended 1x
Rylee Paxton's avatar

Rylee Paxton

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Social Media Expert & Graphic Designer

Daniella Schoeman's avatar

Daniella Schoeman

South Africa

Transforming Your Content Ideas into Gold

Indira Midha's avatar

Indira Midha

Chicago, IL, USA

Turning your ideas into impactful words

Monique Barrow's avatar

Monique Barrow

New York, NY, USA

Offering Content Writing Services

KT 👽 Join Saturn Social's avatar

KT 👽 Join Saturn Social

Savannah, GA, USA

Your Educational Guide to Digital Storytelling 💫

Recommended 2x
Alana Heiss's avatar

Alana Heiss

New York, NY, USA

Product Marketing | Content Strategy | Writing

Seyi Ajayi's avatar

Seyi Ajayi

Toronto, ON, Canada

Design, Social Media, Copywriting, Ads✨

Common projects for Substack experts

Setting up a new Substack page.

Designing a Substack page to match your brand.

Creating and scheduling content for your Substack newsletter.

Growing your Substack subscriber base.

Optimizing your Substack page for SEO.

Transitioning your blog or other content to Substack.

Tips for working with and hiring Substack experts

Know your needs

Be clear about what you require from the Substack expert. This could range from setting up your Substack page, designing it to match your brand, or even creating and scheduling content. The clearer you are about your needs, the better they can fulfill them.

Review their previous work

Look at the other Substack pages they've worked on. This will give you a sense of their style and the quality of their work, and help you decide if they're the right fit for you.

Check their expertise

The best Substack experts are not just familiar with the platform, but also have a strong understanding of content marketing, email marketing, and audience engagement. Make sure your freelancer has these skills.

Communicate regularly

Keep communication lines open. Discuss your expectations, provide feedback, and stay updated on progress. Remember, effective communication is key to a successful project, and Contra provides all the tools you need for this.

How to hire Substack experts

Define your needs

Understand what you need from a Substack expert. This could include setting up your Substack page, designing it, creating and scheduling content, or growing your subscriber base. The clearer you are about your needs, the better the expert can fulfill them.

Post a detailed job

Post a detailed job on Contra that includes information about your project, the skills required, and the timeline.

Review applications

Review the applications you receive and shortlist candidates based on their skills, experience, and fit for your project.

Conduct interviews

Interview shortlisted candidates. Ask about their experience with Substack, how they approach creating content, and their strategies for growing a subscriber base.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right Substack expert, make an offer through Contra. Include the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Substack experts

1. Can you describe your experience with Substack and how you've helped other clients succeed on the platform?

2. How do you approach creating and scheduling content for a Substack newsletter?

3. What strategies do you use to grow a Substack subscriber base?

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Frequently asked

Substack is a platform that allows writers and creators to send digital newsletters directly to their subscribers and monetize their content.

Substack is a platform that allows writers and creators to send digital newsletters directly to their subscribers and monetize their content.

A freelance Substack expert can help with everything from setting up your Substack page, designing it to match your brand, creating and scheduling content, growing your subscriber base, and optimizing your page for SEO.

Hiring a Substack expert on Contra gives you access to top freelance talent without the hassle of middlemen or commissions. You can review their portfolio, collaborate efficiently, and handle contracts and payments all in one place.

You can post a job detailing your project requirements on Contra. Substack experts who match your requirements can then apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of Substack experts and invite those you are interested in to apply.

Projects that require Substack skills often include setting up a new Substack page, designing the page to match your brand, creating and scheduling content, growing your subscriber base, and optimizing your page for SEO.

The cost of hiring a Substack expert on Contra varies based on their experience and the scope of your project, but typically ranges from $500 to $700 per hour.

Substack experts are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Clients must pay a minimum of $250 or $25 an hour to post an opportunity on Contra.

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