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Ben Mai's avatar

Ben Mai

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Senior Full Stack Engineer /Web Designer (Ex-Meta)

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Arman Stepanyan's avatar
Top Independent

Arman Stepanyan

Yerevan, Armenia

Full stack Web / AI / Blockchain developer

Shashank Agarwal's avatar

Shashank Agarwal

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Tech Team Builder & Software Architect

Rohit Singh's avatar

Rohit Singh

Surat, Gujarat, India

Experienced fullstack engineer for hire

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Sreeram Melarkode's avatar

Sreeram Melarkode

Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Wordsmith for hire: Writing, research, consulting

Vishal Gupta's avatar

Vishal Gupta

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

AWS Engineer with NodeJS & Fintech Exp

Deepanshu Rastogi's avatar

Deepanshu Rastogi


Backend Engineering@Scale

Ardeshir Valipoor's avatar

Ardeshir Valipoor


8+ years of leadership & technical expertise 💻

Pallavi Gupta's avatar

Pallavi Gupta

Delhi, India

🔗 Blockchain Developer, Fullstack Engineer

Ammar Khalid's avatar

Ammar Khalid

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Expert Web Developer: Ruby on Rails

Syed   Umer's avatar

Syed Umer


Fast & Efficient Backend Engineer

Faith Oniyide's avatar

Faith Oniyide

Lagos, Nigeria

Web Development Ninja - Python (Django) Guru

Srikanth Nandanaboina's avatar

Srikanth Nandanaboina

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Fullstack Engineer with expertise in Node.js & React

Lakshit .'s avatar

Lakshit .

Haryana, India

Full Stack Developer. JavaScript, React, Python

Mohd Arshad's avatar

Mohd Arshad

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Versatile Fullstack & DevOps Engineer

Rajajayaruban T's avatar

Rajajayaruban T

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Efficient Framer Developer, Backend & Web Engineer

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Arnav Chauhan's avatar

Arnav Chauhan

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Fullstack Developer / Devops

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Habib Rehman's avatar

Habib Rehman

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

I am a skilled full-stack engineer

Deepak Navaria's avatar

Deepak Navaria


Experienced Full-Stack Dev: Web, DevOps, Security.

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