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Recommended 3x
Tarik Eamin's avatar

Tarik Eamin


Specialist in UI/UX Design | Framer Development

Recommended 2x
Ajay Pawriya's avatar
Top Independent

Ajay Pawriya


Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Recommended 6x
Rajan Dave's avatar
Top Independent

Rajan Dave


Product Designer & No-Code Developer.

Recommended 10x
Marie Dyachenko's avatar
Top Independent

Marie Dyachenko


Design that resonates ✶ Product ✶ Web

Recommended 12x
Prathamesh Agrawal's avatar
Top Independent

Prathamesh Agrawal


Innovative UI/UX Designer & Framer Developer

Recommended 2x
Enes Aktaş's avatar

Enes Aktaş

United States

Framer Expert and Product Designer

Recommended 1x
Ily Aziz Ameur's avatar

Ily Aziz Ameur

Tunis, Tunisia

Product Designer, Framer & Webflow builder

Recommended 1x
Meris Imamovic's avatar

Meris Imamovic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Non-Generic Product & Web Design

Recommended 2x
Team Nocoloco's avatar
Top Independent

Team Nocoloco


Your strategic Design + Framer core team

Recommended 4x
Harsh Shah's avatar
Top Independent

Harsh Shah


UI/UX Wizard: Designing Websites, Apps & Framer

Recommended 1x
Shrey Trivedi 🔥's avatar

Shrey Trivedi 🔥

London, UK

UX/UI Designer and Framer Website Developer 🔥

Recommended 2x
Derien Brown's avatar

Derien Brown

Austin, TX, USA

Cross-Platform Experiences

Recommended 1x
Maksim Borisov's avatar

Maksim Borisov

Amsterdam, Netherlands

UI/UX Designer: Web 3D Experience

Recommended 3x
Fanni Csincsak's avatar

Fanni Csincsak

Budapest, Hungary

Solving problems and creating enduring value.

Recommended 1x
Servane Le Brazidec's avatar

Servane Le Brazidec

Nantes, France

Creative UX/UI Designer, Framer expert

Recommended 1x
Gideon Oladimeji's avatar

Gideon Oladimeji

Nairobi, Kenya

Product Designer

Pixel-1 Inc's avatar

Pixel-1 Inc

Miami, FL, USA

Product design that drives business growth

Recommended 6x
Artyum Grebenyuk's avatar
Top Independent

Artyum Grebenyuk


Framer Designer and Developer

Recommended 3x
Elvar Andri's avatar
Top Independent

Elvar Andri


Product Designer (UX/UI) & Digital Marketer

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Common projects for ProtoPie experts

Designing interactive prototypes for mobile or web applications.

Developing complex animations for user interfaces.

Creating interactive presentations or demos.

Designing game interactions and animations.

Creating digital interactive ads.

Developing interactive e-learning materials.

Tips for working with and hiring ProtoPie experts

Clearly define your project

Before reaching out to a ProtoPie expert, you should have a clear vision about the interactions, animations, and overall user experience you want for your application or website. This will allow the freelancer to estimate the time and cost accurately.

Review their portfolio

Take time to review the ProtoPie expert's previous works. This will give you an understanding of their style and capabilities. Look for projects that are similar to yours.

Understand their skills

ProtoPie is a powerful tool that allows designers to create complex interactions. Ensure that the freelancer has the necessary skills to fully leverage the capabilities of ProtoPie.

Communication is key

Good communication is vital for a successful project. Ensure your ProtoPie expert is responsive and open to feedback. Regular updates on the project's progress can help mitigate any issues that may arise.

How to hire ProtoPie experts

Define your needs

Before starting the hiring process, have a clear understanding of what you need from a ProtoPie expert. This could include specific interactions, animations, or a certain level of complexity in the prototype.

Post a detailed job

Posting a detailed job on Contra will attract the right freelancers. Include information about your project, the desired deliverables, and the timeline.

Review applications

Review the applications you receive and shortlist freelancers based on their skills, experience, and fit for your project. Look at their past projects and reviews on their profile.

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews with shortlisted freelancers. Ask questions about their experience, approach to prototyping, and how they handle feedback and revisions.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. This will include the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing ProtoPie experts

1. Can you describe a project where you used ProtoPie to solve a complex interaction challenge?

2. Can you explain your process for testing and refining interactions in ProtoPie?

3. How do you approach creating a new prototype from scratch in ProtoPie?

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Frequently asked

ProtoPie is a highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to prototype mobile app and web experiences. It allows designers to create complex interactions and test them directly on the device.

ProtoPie is a highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to prototype mobile app and web experiences. It allows designers to create complex interactions and test them directly on the device.

A freelance ProtoPie expert uses the ProtoPie tool to create interactive and animated prototypes of mobile applications or web pages. These prototypes can be used to test the user experience before the development stage.

Hiring a ProtoPie freelancer on Contra allows you to work with top talent from around the world. You can review their portfolio, collaborate efficiently, and handle contracts and payments all in one place.

Any project that requires a prototype with complex interactions or animations can benefit from ProtoPie skills. This includes mobile apps, web pages, interactive ads, e-learning materials, and more.

You can post a job detailing your project requirements on Contra. ProtoPie experts who match your requirements can then apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of ProtoPie experts and invite those you are interested in to apply.

The cost of hiring a ProtoPie expert on Contra can vary based on the complexity of the project and the expert's experience. However, the typical cost for ProtoPie freelancers is $25-$50 per hour.

ProtoPie experts are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Each milestone is funded individually at the beginning of the project and held in escrow. The funds for each milestone will only be released after you approve the deliverables for that milestone, or automatically within three days.

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