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Haley Hoffman's avatar
Top Independent

Haley Hoffman

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Marketer + Social Media Specialist 📲

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Top Independent

Renea Dominique

Dallas, TX, USA

Social Media Strategist For Brands & Businesses

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Top Independent

Cori Hanna

Chicago, IL, USA

Viral Content Creator & Social Media Manager

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Top Independent

Kristina Lopez

Florida, USA

Helping your business help people with words✍🏽🌟

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Paula | Land it's avatar
Top Independent

Paula | Land it

Valencia, Spain

Being creative can be strategic ✨

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Gayle Cariño's avatar
Top Independent

Gayle Cariño


helping your brand grow on social media!

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Lindsay Hanson's avatar
Top Independent

Lindsay Hanson

Boston, MA, USA

I help you grow your business using social media

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Haley Helmold's avatar
Top Independent

Haley Helmold

Chicago, IL, USA

creating minimal & memorable brands

Recommended 8x
Emily Becker's avatar
Top Independent

Emily Becker

Chicago, IL, USA

Copy and Content with a Soul

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Myriam Phung's avatar
Top Independent

Myriam Phung


Need a designer? I'm a designer.

Kelsey Weaver's avatar
Top Independent

Kelsey Weaver

Delray Beach, FL, USA

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

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Olivia Kelliher's avatar
Top Independent

Olivia Kelliher

Nashville, TN, USA

Balancing creativity & entrepreneurship 🚀

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thewritingnook _'s avatar

thewritingnook _

United States


Recommended 3x
Radeeyah Ade's avatar
Top Independent

Radeeyah Ade

Birmingham, UK

UX designer at the crossroads of design & tech!

Arlina Roman's avatar
Top Independent

Arlina Roman

Austin, TX, USA

Branding & Social Media for Creative Entrepreneurs

Madison Green's avatar

Madison Green

Dallas, TX, USA

UX & Web Design with a Purpose (Framer Expert)

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Leandro Oliveira's avatar

Leandro Oliveira

Co. Meath, Ireland

Social Media Marketing and Marketing Services.

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Charity Bassett's avatar

Charity Bassett

Orem, UT, USA

Where art meets strategy.

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Pius Henry's avatar
Top Independent

Pius Henry

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Digital Marketing Manager

Common projects for Pinterest experts

Creating and managing a Pinterest marketing strategy.

Designing and pinning visually appealing content.

Optimizing pins for Pinterest SEO.

Conducting Pinterest ad campaigns.

Analyzing Pinterest analytics to monitor campaign performance.

Running Pinterest contests or promotions.

Tips for working with and hiring Pinterest experts

Define your goals

Clearly outline what you hope to achieve with your Pinterest marketing campaign. This could be increasing website traffic, improving brand visibility, or driving product sales. A clear goal will help your Pinterest expert develop an effective strategy.

Understand their skills

Pinterest marketing requires a unique set of skills including content creation, understanding of Pinterest SEO, analytics interpretation, and strategic pinning. Make sure your freelancer has these skills.

Check their portfolio

Review their previous Pinterest campaigns to assess their creativity and effectiveness in driving engagement and conversions. Look at their pins, boards, and overall account management.

Communication is essential

Maintain regular communication with your freelancer through Contra's platform. This will enable you to provide feedback, discuss changes, and stay updated on the progress of your Pinterest marketing campaign.

How to hire Pinterest experts

Define your needs

Start by identifying your marketing objectives and how a Pinterest expert can help achieve them. This will guide your hiring process.

Post a detailed job

Post a job on Contra outlining your requirements, goals, and budget. The more detail you provide, the more likely you are to attract qualified Pinterest experts.

Review applications

Evaluate applicants based on their skills, experience, and previous work. Look for applicants with a proven track record of successful Pinterest marketing.

Conduct interviews

Ask potential candidates about their Pinterest strategies, how they handle changes to Pinterest's algorithms, and their experience with similar projects.

Make an offer

Once you've identified the right candidate, make an offer through Contra, clearly outlining the project details and payment terms.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Pinterest experts

1. Can you describe a successful Pinterest marketing campaign you've managed?

2. How do you stay updated on changes to Pinterest's algorithms and user behavior?

3. How would you optimize our Pinterest presence to meet our specific goals?

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Frequently asked

A Pinterest expert creates and implements a Pinterest marketing strategy to increase brand visibility, drive traffic to a website or product page, and enhance customer engagement. They design pins, manage boards, optimize for Pinterest SEO, and analyze campaign results.

A Pinterest expert creates and implements a Pinterest marketing strategy to increase brand visibility, drive traffic to a website or product page, and enhance customer engagement. They design pins, manage boards, optimize for Pinterest SEO, and analyze campaign results.

Hiring a Pinterest expert on Contra gives you access to skilled professionals who can effectively leverage this unique platform to meet your marketing goals. With Contra's commission-free platform, you can easily manage contracts, payments, and communication with your freelancer.

You can post a job on Contra detailing your Pinterest marketing needs and budget. Freelancers who match your requirements can apply for the job. Alternatively, you can browse through profiles of Pinterest experts and invite those you like to apply.

Projects that require Pinterest expertise often include creating a Pinterest marketing strategy, designing and pinning content, managing Pinterest boards, running ad campaigns, and analyzing campaign performance.

Pinterest experts use a variety of tools including Pinterest's native analytics, graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop for creating pins, and scheduling tools such as Tailwind for strategic pinning.

The cost of hiring a Pinterest expert on Contra can range from $40 to $225 per hour depending on their level of expertise and the scope of your project.

Pinterest experts are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Payments are held in escrow and released once you approve the deliverables or automatically within three days.

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