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Christian Jay Noble's avatar

Christian Jay Noble

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

3d Rendering Marketing & BIM Management

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Gobi R Chandran's avatar

Gobi R Chandran

Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Tailored Graphic Solutions for Brands ✨

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suleyman temiz's avatar

suleyman temiz

Bali, Indonesia

3d designer / interior / exterior / event / stage

Recommended 3x
Nahom Redda's avatar

Nahom Redda


Crafting Personalized Design Solutions

Recommended 2x
Paul Omonzejele's avatar

Paul Omonzejele


Pro Graphic Designer|| Brand Identity Expert

Pradnya Kanade's avatar

Pradnya Kanade


Unreal Engine Expert & Environment 3D Artist

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Sahiti Bhalla's avatar

Sahiti Bhalla

Delhi, India

Experienced Architect & Designer

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Favour Abeng's avatar

Favour Abeng


Unique designs, tailored to your brand

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Akila Wijekoon's avatar

Akila Wijekoon

Sri Lanka

Architect & Designer: Creating Inspiring Spaces

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PARAS YADAV's avatar



Architect & Interior Designer | 3D Renderer

Junaid Miran's avatar

Junaid Miran

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

3D Expert: Branding, Design, Animation

Rolando Rodriguez's avatar

Rolando Rodriguez

Boston, MA, USA

Senior Industrial Designer 🚀

Otar K.'s avatar

Otar K.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Architect & Renderer: ✨Precision in Every Detail✨

Nayyar Zaidi's avatar

Nayyar Zaidi


Expert in 3D, Graphic Design & VFX Magic

Israel Onyenekwe's avatar

Israel Onyenekwe

Lagos, Nigeria

Experienced 3D Animator and Modeler

CJ Noble's avatar

CJ Noble

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Quick 3D Renders for Architects

Architect Baasit's avatar

Architect Baasit


3D Interior and Exterior Design Architect.

Andra-Ioana Staicu's avatar

Andra-Ioana Staicu

Hamburg, Germany

CGI & Brand Designer

Carlo Dino Exmundo's avatar

Carlo Dino Exmundo


Realistic 3D Exterior & Interior Rendering

Common projects for Lumion experts

Creating 3D architectural visualizations for building projects.

Developing 3D models for product design.

Creating 3D animations for presentations or promotions.

Providing photorealistic rendering for interior design projects.

Developing 3D landscapes for environmental planning or video games.

Creating virtual reality experiences for real estate or tourism.

Tips for working with and hiring Lumion experts

Understand your project requirements

Before hiring a Lumion expert on Contra, ensure you have a detailed understanding of your project. This includes knowing the type of 3D visualization or rendering you need, the level of detail required, and any deadlines.

Review their portfolio

Spend time going through the Lumion expert's portfolio on Contra. Check their previous 3D visualizations and renderings, their attention to detail, and their ability to create realistic and compelling visuals.

Check their software proficiency

Lumion is a powerful tool for 3D visualization, but it's not the only one. Make sure the Lumion expert is proficient with other necessary software such as AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Maintain clear communication

Ensure you maintain regular and clear communication with your Lumion expert. Use Contra's communication tools to provide feedback, discuss changes, and stay updated on the project's progress.

How to hire Lumion experts

Define your needs

Start by understanding what you need from a Lumion expert. This could include the type of 3D visualization or rendering, the level of detail, and your deadlines.

Post a detailed job

Post a job on Contra specifying your requirements. Provide as many details as possible about your project to attract the right Lumion experts.

Review applications

Review the applications and shortlist Lumion experts based on their skills, experience, and portfolio. Use Contra's chat feature to discuss your project and their suitability.

Conduct interviews

Interview shortlisted Lumion experts. Ask about their experience, how they handle complex projects, and their proficiency with other 3D visualization tools.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right Lumion expert, make an offer through Contra. Specify the project details, payment terms, and any other expectations.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Lumion experts

1. Can you describe your experience with 3D visualization and rendering? Can you share some examples of your work?

2. Tell me about a project where you had to create a complex 3D visualization. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

3. Apart from Lumion, which other 3D visualization tools are you proficient with and how have you used them in your projects?

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Frequently asked

Lumion is a powerful 3D rendering software that helps architects and designers create high-quality visualizations. It's known for its user-friendly interface, speed, and ability to render photorealistic environments quickly.

Lumion is a powerful 3D rendering software that helps architects and designers create high-quality visualizations. It's known for its user-friendly interface, speed, and ability to render photorealistic environments quickly.

A freelance Lumion expert creates 3D visualizations and renderings using the Lumion software. They can create architectural visualizations, product models, interior renderings, and more. Their work is often used in architecture, construction, design, and advertising.

Hiring a Lumion freelancer on Contra allows you to work with top-notch 3D visualization talent on a flexible basis. You can review their portfolios, communicate directly, and manage contracts and payments in one place, all without any commissions.

You can post a job on Contra detailing your project's requirements. Lumion experts who match your needs can apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of Lumion experts on Contra and invite those you find suitable to apply for your job.

Projects that require Lumion skills often involve creating 3D visualizations or renderings. This can include architectural visualizations, interior design renderings, product design models, or 3D animations for presentations.

The cost of hiring a Lumion expert on Contra typically ranges from $55 to $145 per hour. The exact cost will depend on the complexity of your project, the Lumion expert's experience and skills, and the project timeline.

Lumion freelancers get paid on Contra based on the terms agreed upon at the start of the project. They could be paid per hour, per project, or per milestone. Payments for each milestone are held in escrow and released only after you approve the milestone's deliverables, ensuring you pay only for work you're satisfied with.

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