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Silviu Stroe's avatar

Silviu Stroe

Brașov, Romania

Software Architect Consultant for Mobile and Web, CTO, Product Manager

Ashish Kumar's avatar

Ashish Kumar


Custom Website Wireframes & Graphic Design

Keith Blake's avatar

Keith Blake

Cleveland, OH, USA

A 20yr game, VR & AR expert.

Jules Bousrez's avatar

Jules Bousrez


Creating websites that exceed expectations

Kevin Turnbull's avatar

Kevin Turnbull

Beachburg, ON K0J 1C0, Canada

From Idea to Marketable Product

Eixhan Gruja's avatar

Eixhan Gruja

Tirana, Albania

Hybrid App Development Pro 📱

Faisal Samroz Hashmi's avatar

Faisal Samroz Hashmi

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Your satisfaction is my top priority.

Moe Brm's avatar

Moe Brm

Tunis, Tunisia

Full Stack Engineer, Creating Exceeding Solutions

Aashutosh Jhanwar's avatar

Aashutosh Jhanwar

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Expert Web & App Developer

Jazab Najeeb's avatar

Jazab Najeeb

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Fullstack Engineer | Web/Mobile

Gunvant Battase's avatar

Gunvant Battase

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Experienced React Native Developer

Andrew Savchyn's avatar

Andrew Savchyn

Berlin, Germany

Scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions

Hamza Tariq's avatar

Hamza Tariq

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Full-stack Developer and Blockchain Consultant

Naisi Thomas's avatar

Naisi Thomas

Sacramento, CA, USA

Web Designer, Visual & Brand Designer

Common projects for Ionic experts

Developing a cross-platform mobile app.

Creating a user-friendly e-commerce mobile app.

Designing a responsive and intuitive UI for a mobile app.

Building a custom mobile app with complex features.

Developing an interactive mobile game.

Creating a mobile app with integrated payment systems.

Tips for working with and hiring Ionic experts

Define your project requirements

Before you start looking for an Ionic freelancer, outline the specific tasks you need them to perform. This could range from creating a mobile app, to developing API, to working on the front-end or back-end of your software.

Evaluate their skills

Ionic freelancers should be proficient in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks like AngularJS and Cordova. Make sure the freelancer you hire has these skills and others that might be necessary for your project.

Review their portfolio

Inspect the past projects of the Ionic freelancer, focusing on the complexity, design, performance, and the overall quality of the apps they've developed. This will give you a clear idea of their capabilities and expertise.

Communicate regularly

Effective communication is key to a successful project. Use Contra's built-in communication tools to provide feedback, discuss changes, and check the progress of the project regularly.

How to hire Ionic experts

Define your needs

Before starting the hiring process, it's crucial to outline your specific project requirements. What tasks do you need the Ionic freelancer to perform and what skills should they possess?

Post a detailed job

Write a comprehensive job post on Contra detailing your project requirements, the skills you're looking for, and any other relevant information. This will help attract the right Ionic freelancers to your job.

Review applications

Go through the applications you receive and shortlist freelancers based on their skills, experience, and portfolio. Pay special attention to the mobile apps they've developed in the past.

Conduct interviews

Interview the shortlisted Ionic freelancers. Ask them about their experience with Ionic, the projects they've worked on, and how they handle challenges. This will help you assess their problem-solving skills and their proficiency with Ionic.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. Include the project details, timeline, and payment terms in your offer, and remember to discuss any specific terms or conditions before starting the project.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Ionic experts

1. Can you describe a complex mobile app you've developed using Ionic? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

2. Can you explain your approach to testing and debugging in the Ionic framework?

3. How do you ensure that the apps you develop are compatible with different platforms and devices?

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Frequently asked

Ionic is a popular open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows developers to create apps that can run on multiple platforms with a single codebase, saving time and resources.

Ionic is a popular open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows developers to create apps that can run on multiple platforms with a single codebase, saving time and resources.

An Ionic freelancer uses the Ionic framework to develop cross-platform mobile apps. They can handle various tasks, from designing the app's UI/UX to writing the code for its functionality, and ensure that the app runs smoothly across different platforms.

Hiring an Ionic freelancer on Contra allows you to work with skilled professionals who can deliver high-quality, cross-platform mobile apps. Contra's platform makes it easy to manage contracts, payments, and communication, ensuring a smooth and successful project.

You can post a detailed job description on Contra, specifying the skills and experience you're looking for. Ionic freelancers can then apply for your job, or you can invite freelancers to apply. You can review their profiles, interview them, and hire the one who best fits your needs.

Projects that require Ionic skills often include developing cross-platform mobile apps, creating mobile games, building e-commerce apps, or developing any other mobile apps that need to work seamlessly across different platforms.

The cost to hire an Ionic freelancer on Contra starts at $25 per hour. The final cost can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the freelancer's experience level, and the project's timeline.

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