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Top Independent

Ifeoma Ahuna

Dallas, United States

Bringing your content to life with UGC Video ✨

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Top Independent

Priyal G.

Toronto, Canada

Let's join hands & conquer with words!

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Top Independent

Celia Mesa

Barcelona, Spain

Bringing Brands to Life with Humanized Content ✨

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Top Independent

Salina Owens

Madrid, Spain

Digital Creator | Content Writer

Recommended 10x
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Top Independent

Michelle Griczika

Massachusetts, United States

Writing that sells✨

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Top Independent

Brad Bartlett

Kansas City, United States

Your best [freelance writing] friend. 🚀

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Top Independent

Rodrigo Lamadrid

Monterrey, Mexico

You Think It, I Write It

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Top Independent

Kalann Washington

Los Angeles, United States

Salubrious StorySelling || Copy & Brand-Voice Adze

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Top Independent

Lee Thompson

The Bahamas

Copy Curated for Visionaries

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Top Independent

Kaitlyn Arford

Louisville, United States

Award-winning writer ready to tell your story.

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Top Independent

Vaibhav Khulbe


∞ Converting ideas into digital products ✓

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Top Independent

Joshua Bernard

Martinsville, United States

Small Business Content Creator With SEO Expertise

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Michaela Rich

Denver, United States

Crafting intuitive mobile experiences 📱

Recommended 8x
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Top Independent

Emily Becker

Chicago, United States

Words for a better world. 🌎

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Top Independent

Alex Bull

United Kingdom

Grow your Auto brand with Social Media & Blogs 🚗✨

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Top Independent

Bridget Poston

Ohio, United States

Crafting magnetic copy that converts ⚡

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Top Independent

Samiya McMiller

Detroit, United States

Creative words, designs, reviews 💫

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Top Independent

Chhavi Malik

Bengaluru, India

Brand Alchemist | Content & Copywriter

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Top Independent

Alexandra Fasulo

Fort Myers, United States

Welcome to the Freelance Fairy Writing Hub 🧚

Common projects for Grammarly experts

Proofreading and editing blog articles.

Reviewing and enhancing website content.

Editing e-books and other long-form content.

Improving academic papers or reports.

Refining resumes and cover letters.

Optimizing social media posts for grammar and clarity.

Tips for working with and hiring Grammarly experts

Define your content needs

Clearly outline the type and volume of content you need. Whether it's blog posts, product descriptions, or social media content, be specific about your requirements and expectations.

Understand their expertise

Grammarly experts are proficient in using the Grammarly tool for content editing and proofreading. Make sure they have a good understanding of grammar rules, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Review their work samples

Go through their past work to assess their writing style and quality. It's also essential to check how well they've applied Grammarly corrections and suggestions in their content.

Communication through Contra

Maintain regular communication with your Grammarly freelancer via Contra to share feedback and discuss any changes you may require. This will ensure a successful project outcome.

How to hire Grammarly experts

Define your project

Start by outlining the type of content and the volume of work you need the Grammarly expert to handle. Be specific about your requirements to attract the right freelancers.

Post a detailed job

Create a comprehensive job post on Contra detailing your project. Include specifics about the content, the freelancer's responsibilities, and the project timeline.

Review applications

Review the applications you receive and shortlist freelancers based on their skills and experience. Check their past work and reviews on their profile.

Conduct interviews

Interview the shortlisted candidates. Ask them about their experience with Grammarly, their approach to editing, and how they handle feedback.

Make an offer

After selecting the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra, including the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Grammarly experts

1. Can you share examples of content you have edited using Grammarly?

2. How do you handle complex editing tasks, especially when dealing with industry-specific jargon or concepts?

3. What is your process for ensuring the original tone and voice of the content is maintained after editing?

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Frequently asked

Grammarly is an online tool that checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in text. It also provides suggestions for improving clarity, engagement, and delivery of the content.

Grammarly is an online tool that checks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in text. It also provides suggestions for improving clarity, engagement, and delivery of the content.

A freelance Grammarly expert uses the Grammarly tool to proofread and edit various forms of content, ensuring it is error-free, clear, engaging, and effectively delivers its intended message.

Hiring a Grammarly expert on Contra allows you to access talented freelancers who are proficient in using Grammarly for content proofreading and editing. You can manage the whole process, from hiring to payment, on one platform without any commissions.

You can post your project details on Contra, and Grammarly experts who match your requirements can apply. Alternatively, you can browse profiles of Grammarly experts and invite those you find suitable to apply for your project.

Any project that involves creating, editing, or proofreading content can benefit from a Grammarly expert. This includes blog posts, social media content, academic papers, resumes, and more.

The cost of hiring a Grammarly expert on Contra varies based on the complexity and volume of the content. However, you can expect to pay between $25 and $50 per hour.

Apart from Grammarly, these experts may also use other editing and proofreading tools, depending on the needs of the project. These can include tools like Hemingway Editor, ProWritingAid, or even Microsoft Word's built-in tools.

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