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Laureana Logioia's avatar
Top Independent

Laureana Logioia


Customer Success: Hubspot & Knowledge Base Expert

Recommended 4x
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Daniel Ndambuki

Raleigh, United States

Reliable & Affordable Fullstack Developer

Darsh Shah's avatar

Darsh Shah

Mumbai, India

Hybrid App Developer with 4yrs of Work X.

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Wahid Ali's avatar

Wahid Ali

Ghaziabad, India

SaaS|MVP and Dashboard Specialist| Project Manager

Aashish Vichare ✨'s avatar

Aashish Vichare ✨


Fullstack Engineer: Efficient and Cost effective

Elliott Crifasi's avatar

Elliott Crifasi

Chicago, United States

Innovative Fullstack DevOps Engineer

Roumak Chakraborty's avatar

Roumak Chakraborty


Principle Software Engineer and Architect

Edwards Moses's avatar

Edwards Moses

Lagos, Nigeria

Full-Stack Dev: React & React Native, NodeJS/Go

Gagandeep Singh's avatar

Gagandeep Singh


10+ Years Full Stack Expert Laravel, React, Vue.js

Tirivashe Shamhu's avatar

Tirivashe Shamhu


Reliable Fullstack Engineer

Juš Lozej's avatar

Juš Lozej

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bringing your digital products to life

Gustavo Caetano's avatar

Gustavo Caetano


Experienced Fullstack: Laravel, React, Go, Python

Aidan Tilgner's avatar

Aidan Tilgner

Salem, United States

Transformative AI-Integrated Web Solutions

Philip Wawazi's avatar

Philip Wawazi

Nairobi, Kenya

Your Go-To Software & Systems Engineer

BBMM Software's avatar

BBMM Software


BBMM Software: 5+ Years of Top-Tier Freelancing!

Shavkatjon Kodirov's avatar

Shavkatjon Kodirov


Speedy 3D Renderings & Website Creations

Jeff Uzodinma's avatar

Jeff Uzodinma

Lagos, Nigeria

Fullstack python developer

Stephanie Meredith's avatar

Stephanie Meredith


Efficient Customer Success & Support Specialist

William Loreen's avatar

William Loreen

Montreal, Canada

💻 Proactive Fullstack & Backend Engineer

Golang related tools for your next project

Common projects for Golang experts

Developing Web Applications: Golang is ideal for web application development because of its simplicity and efficiency.

Creating Microservices: Golang's high performance makes it suitable for developing microservices and other backend functions.

Building Data Pipelines: Golang experts can build data pipelines for efficient data processing and analysis.

Developing Network Servers: Golang is often used to build network servers due to its excellent networking support.

Creating Command Line Applications: Golang's simplicity and speed make it ideal for creating command-line applications.

Building Software Tools: Golang's efficiency and scalability make it suitable for building software tools.

Tips for working with and hiring Golang experts

Know your project requirements

Before hiring a Golang expert, it's essential to clearly outline your project's requirements. Have a clear understanding of the tasks you need to be done, the project's deadline, and the level of expertise required.

Assess their skills and experience

Golang is a specific and complex programming language, so you need to ensure your freelancer has the necessary skills and experience. Ask for their portfolio and carefully review their previous Golang projects.

Opt for regular communication

Maintain regular communication with your Golang expert. This will ensure they understand your expectations and will allow you to monitor their progress. Always communicate through Contra to keep track of all discussions.

Understand their working style

Every Golang Expert has a unique working style. Some may prefer more direction, while others work better with a level of autonomy. Understanding and respecting their working style can lead to a more successful project.

How to hire Golang experts

Define your project

Understand what you need the Golang expert to do. Clearly outline the tasks and deliverables, and provide a timeline for completion.

Post a detailed job

When posting your job on Contra, be as detailed as possible about what the job entails. This will attract the right Golang experts to your project.

Review applications

Take time to review the applications and portfolios of the Golang experts. Look for those with the necessary skills and experience.

Conduct interviews

Interview the Golang experts who seem to be a good fit. Ask about their experience and how they would handle your project.

Make an offer

Once you have found the right Golang expert, make an offer. Be sure to include the payment terms, project timeline, and any other pertinent details.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Golang experts

1. Can you describe a project where you used Golang to solve a complex problem?

2. How do you ensure your Golang code is efficient and maintainable?

3. Can you discuss a time when you had to optimize a Golang application for better performance?

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Frequently asked

Golang, also known as Go, is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed for efficiency and simplicity. It's often used for developing web applications, data pipelines, and network servers.

Golang, also known as Go, is a statically typed, compiled programming language designed for efficiency and simplicity. It's often used for developing web applications, data pipelines, and network servers.

A freelance Golang expert is a professional programmer who specializes in using the Golang programming language. They can develop web applications, create microservices, build data pipelines, develop network servers, create command-line applications, and build software tools.

Hiring a Golang expert on Contra gives you access to a network of highly skilled and vetted freelancers. You can review their portfolio, collaborate efficiently, and handle all contracts and payments in one place.

You can post a job on Contra detailing your project and the skills required. Golang experts who match your requirements can apply for the job. You can also browse the profiles of Golang experts and invite those you are interested in to apply.

Golang can be used for a variety of projects such as developing web applications, creating microservices, building data pipelines, developing network servers, creating command-line applications, and building software tools.

The cost of hiring a Golang expert on Contra can range from $35 to $192 per hour, depending on the complexity of the task, the expert's experience level, and the project's duration.

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