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Irfan Sajjad's avatar

Irfan Sajjad


Data Analysis | Dashboard Creation | Reporting

Srikanth Tangirala's avatar

Srikanth Tangirala

Mumbai, India

Data Analyst / Data Scientist

Irtaza Ahmed's avatar

Irtaza Ahmed

Johar Town, Pakistan

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, ML Engineer

Meg Tsevegmid's avatar

Meg Tsevegmid

Lisbon, Portugal

Data Analysis Expert & Web Developer

Andrii  H's avatar

Andrii H


Senior Data Engineer | Database Architect | AI/ML

Fatimat Thanni's avatar

Fatimat Thanni

Lagos, Nigeria

Data Wizard: Visualize, Analyze, Excel ✨

Nhung Le.T.H's avatar

Nhung Le.T.H


Data Analyst | Nice story now show me the data

Bliss Wave IT LLC's avatar

Bliss Wave IT LLC

Conroe, United States

Storytelling through Data Visualization

Hubert Lo's avatar

Hubert Lo

San Francisco, United States

Data, Analytics, & Growth

Recommended 3x
Zain Manna's avatar

Zain Manna

Doha, Qatar

Data Scientist | Data Analyst

Maxwell Mogambi's avatar

Maxwell Mogambi

Nairobi, Kenya

Data Science Specialist Extraordinaire

Adrian Gallard's avatar

Adrian Gallard

Atlanta, United States

I'll make you the smartest person in the room.

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Denish Kukadiya's avatar

Denish Kukadiya

St. John's, Canada

Analytics Specialist and Data Visualizer

Anisha Jinna's avatar

Anisha Jinna

Phoenix, United States

Data Wizard: Analysis, Visualization, & More

Chester King's avatar

Chester King

Jacksonville, United States

Data Analytics Pro: Power BI, SQL, Affordable

dror rosentraub's avatar

dror rosentraub


Your Data Science & Statistics Super Hero

carlos mackenzie's avatar

carlos mackenzie

Bogota, Colombia

Data Scientist 15 Yrs Process Improvement 📊

Ankit B's avatar

Ankit B

Redmond, United States

9+ Years Building Data Pipelines ✨ | Data Engineer

Daniel Anderson's avatar

Daniel Anderson

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Financial & Data Analyst - Machine Learning

Common projects for Data Analysis experts

Analyzing customer data for targeted marketing strategies.

Conducting market research for business expansion plans.

Analyzing sales data for revenue forecasting.

Conducting data analysis for website optimization.

Carrying out competitive analysis through data interpretation.

Creating predictive models for business decision making.

Tips for working with and hiring Data Analysis experts

Define your project scope

Have a clear understanding of the specific data you need analyzed and the insights you hope to gain. This will help your data analyst understand the project and provide meaningful results.

Check their technical skills

Data analysis requires expertise in specific tools and software like SQL, R, Python, and Excel. Ensure your freelancer has proficiency in the necessary tools for your project.

Review their portfolio

Look at the data analyst's previous projects and the results they were able to achieve. This will give you an idea of their capabilities and whether they are a good fit for your project.

Maintain regular communication

Keep in touch with your Data Analysis Expert throughout the project. This can be done through Contra's platform, ensuring transparency and a clear understanding of the project status.

How to hire Data Analysis experts

Define your needs

Clearly outline your project requirements, the specific data that needs to be analyzed, and the insights you hope to gain. This will help you find a Data Analyst who has the right skills and experience.

Post a detailed job

Post a job on Contra detailing your project needs. Include the type of data to be analyzed, the analysis tools required, and your project's timeline.

Review applications

Review applications and shortlist freelancers based on their skills, experience, and previous projects. Look at their past work and reviews on their profile.

Conduct interviews

Conduct interviews with the shortlisted freelancers. Discuss your project specifics, ask about their data analysis process, and how they handle discrepancies in data.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. This will include the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Data Analysis experts

1. Can you describe a time when your analysis had a significant impact on a company's strategy or decision-making?

2. What data analysis tools are you most proficient in and why?

3. How do you ensure the accuracy of your analysis and handle discrepancies in data?

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Frequently asked

A freelance data analyst interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions. They gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends.

A freelance data analyst interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions. They gather information from various sources and interpret patterns and trends.

Data analysts can provide your business with a deeper understanding of your customers, market trends, and business performance. Hiring a data analyst on Contra allows you to access top freelance talent without commissions and with the ease of managing contracts and payments all in one place.

Data analysts commonly use SQL for database management, R and Python for statistical analysis, and Excel for data manipulation and analysis. They may also use data visualization tools like Tableau and business intelligence platforms like Microsoft Power BI.

You can post a job with your project details and requirements on Contra. Data analysts who match your criteria can then apply for the job. You can also search through the profiles of data analysts and invite those who meet your needs to apply.

Any project that involves making sense of large amounts of data requires data analysis skills. This can include market research, customer segmentation, sales forecasting, website optimization, and many more.

The cost of hiring a data analyst on Contra can range from $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the complexity of the analysis, the analyst's experience, and the project's duration.

Freelance data analysts are paid commission-free on Contra. They may charge per project, per hour, or per milestone. Clients must pay a minimum of $250 or $25 an hour to post an opportunity on Contra.

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