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Ahmad  Kadhim's avatar

Ahmad Kadhim


Founder - CopyPointAgency

Cristin Burton's avatar

Cristin Burton

Brooklyn, United States

Artful copywriter with holistic vision

Alex Luttery's avatar

Alex Luttery

Atlanta, United States

Multi-faceted Copywriter for Hire

Lyna Guettaf's avatar

Lyna Guettaf


Conversion-driven copywriter with a creative mind

Jamila Bell's avatar

Jamila Bell


Engaging content creator & social media manager

Kim Bui's avatar

Kim Bui


Copywriting Strategist for Small Businesses

Sukhrob Abrorov's avatar

Sukhrob Abrorov

United States

Engaging copywriter, expert email marketer

Ryan Harms's avatar

Ryan Harms

Omaha, United States

High performing Email Copy that Converts

Lizzie Housley's avatar

Lizzie Housley

United Kingdom

Sculpt your brand voice and create killer content.

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Sofia Daley's avatar

Sofia Daley

London, United Kingdom

Expert copywriter and social media strategist

Ella Vaughan's avatar

Ella Vaughan

London, United Kingdom

multifaceted creative

Brittany Alvis's avatar

Brittany Alvis

Lynden, United States

Empathetic Copywriter, Lyrics & Blog Writer

Cort Cunningham's avatar

Cort Cunningham

Berlin, Germany

Conceptual Copywriter & Creative Director

Linu Foghis's avatar

Linu Foghis

London, United Kingdom

Tech-savvy UX/UI Web and Product Designer

Claire Coll's avatar

Claire Coll

San Diego, United States

Engaging Gen Z wordsmith & SEO maven

Robert Chelaru's avatar

Robert Chelaru


Creative Copywriter for Exceptional Content

Reeshon Capidlac's avatar

Reeshon Capidlac


🔍Experienced Copy Editor & Proofreader

Holly Eakins's avatar

Holly Eakins

St Andrews KY16, United Kingdom

Crafting captivating content

Nada Abu Jaber's avatar

Nada Abu Jaber

Amman, Jordan

Talented Copywriter & Business Owner

Common projects for Copyscape experts

Blog writing and plagiarism checking

Website content creation and duplication detection

Academic writing and plagiarism prevention

SEO article writing and originality verification

Technical writing with plagiarism detection

Ghostwriting and uniqueness validation

Tips for working with and hiring Copyscape experts

Define your expectations

Clearly outline your needs for plagiarism detection or copywriting. Provide as much detail as possible about the content type, style, and target audience.

Check their experience

Review the freelancer's past work and ensure they have experience with Copyscape and other similar tools. Their ability to effectively use these tools is crucial for your project's success.

Set clear deadlines

Provide a realistic timeline for your project. Regular check-ins and updates can help keep the project on track and allow for timely feedback.

Communicate through Contra

Use Contra's platform to communicate with your Copyscape freelancer. This ensures all communication is documented and helps to avoid any miscommunication.

How to hire Copyscape experts

Define your needs

Understand the scope of your project and the level of Copyscape expertise it requires.

Post a detailed job

Provide a comprehensive job description on Contra, detailing your project requirements, the skills required, and the project timeline.

Review applications

Evaluate applications based on the freelancers' skills, experience, and past work. Shortlist candidates who best fit your project needs.

Conduct interviews

Ask prospective freelancers about their experience with Copyscape and other similar tools. Discuss your project specifics and expectations.

Make an offer

Once you've found the right freelancer, make an offer through Contra. Include the project details, payment terms, and timeline.

3 questions to ask when interviewing Copyscape experts

1. Can you share examples of projects where you have used Copyscape effectively?

2. How do you ensure the originality of content in your copywriting work?

3. What other tools do you use alongside Copyscape for plagiarism detection and SEO optimization?

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Frequently asked

Copyscape is a plagiarism detection software that checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web. It's used by content creators, editors, and educators to ensure content originality.

Copyscape is a plagiarism detection software that checks whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web. It's used by content creators, editors, and educators to ensure content originality.

A freelance Copyscape expert uses the Copyscape software to ensure the originality of content. They may also provide copywriting services, creating unique and engaging content for various platforms.

Hiring a Copyscape expert on Contra ensures you're working with high-quality freelancers who can effectively use plagiarism detection tools to deliver unique content. Contra's commission-free platform makes the hiring process easy and efficient.

You can post a job detailing your project requirements on Contra. Freelancers who match your requirements can then apply for the job. You can also browse through the profiles of freelance Copyscape experts and invite those you are interested in to apply.

Any project involving content creation can benefit from Copyscape expertise. This includes blog writing, website content creation, academic writing, SEO article writing, technical writing, and ghostwriting.

The cost of hiring a Copyscape expert on Contra ranges from $16 to $32 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the freelancer's experience and skills.

Apart from Copyscape, these freelancers might use other plagiarism detection tools like Grammarly, Turnitin, and Plagscan. They may also use SEO tools like Google Analytics and content management systems like WordPress.

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