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Ismael Kedir's avatar

Ismael Kedir

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Full-stack Developer | Angular | Laravel | Flutter

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Basit Ali's avatar

Basit Ali


A passionate fullstack developer

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Ramani Chintan's avatar

Ramani Chintan

Ahmedabad, India

Full-Stack developer

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Theo Posthuma-Solis's avatar

Theo Posthuma-Solis

Charlotte, United States

Software Engineer

Bhautik Domadiya's avatar

Bhautik Domadiya

Surat, India

Fullstack Engineer, Product & UX Designer

Faheem Ahmad's avatar

Faheem Ahmad

Lahore, Pakistan

Full Stack Web & Mobile developer🚀

Viktor Gavrilovic's avatar

Viktor Gavrilovic

Skopje, North Macedonia

Fullstack Developer & UI Designer

Susanna Nevalainen's avatar

Susanna Nevalainen

Zürich, Switzerland

Cutting-edge 3D, Frontend & UI/UX ✨

Tristan Jesse's avatar

Tristan Jesse

Lisbon, Portugal

Expert Fullstack Dev | From Concept to Release

James Sullivan's avatar

James Sullivan

Miami, United States

Building software for industry-changing companies

Rahul Kalsha's avatar

Rahul Kalsha

Surat, India

Angular expert delivering high-performance web app

Kevin Turnbull's avatar

Kevin Turnbull

Beachburg, Canada

From Idea to Marketable Product

nehemiah ngetich's avatar

nehemiah ngetich

United States

Superior Time-bound Tech Solutions

anjali kabariya's avatar

anjali kabariya


Versatile and Creative Fullstack Engineer

Chaitanya  's avatar


Goa, India

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