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At Contra, we understand the importance of finding the right match for your project. That’s why we've curated a set of powerful features to make your search easier and more effective.

Discover is our search feature. On our Discover feed, clients can search for contractors by role, tools, and rate to find the perfect match. You can find the Discover link on your navigation bar.

Core features of Discover

  1. Finding flexible talent
  2. Adding contractors to your network
  3. Getting in touch to collaborate

How to find the perfect contractor

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of our advanced search tools:

Refine your filters

Narrow your search by adjusting filters like skills, tools, rate, location, and language. This can help you find freelancers who best fit your project requirements.

Look for special badges

  • Top Independents: These represent the top 1% of freelancers and are our most active and highly recommended freelancers that the Contra team has individually vetted.
  • Experts: Contra partners with companies like Framer, Spline, Rive, and others to identify experts on their platforms.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations are very helpful to make an informed decision based on contractor’s experience working with other clients.
  • Amount Earned: A freelancer's total earnings on Contra can indicate their experience and popularity.

Explore portfolios

Review contractors’ portfolios to explore their past projects, style, and expertise. Diving deep into portfolios provides valuable insights about a contractor’s capabilities and helps you determine if they will be a good match.

Add contractors to your network

Found a contractor you like? Use the "+" feature to add them to your network, so you can easily revisit their profile later.

Get in touch

You can send an inquiry to contractors you’d like to work with or invite them directly to your job post. Our messaging system enables you to connect directly with contractors to discuss your project, ask questions, and understand their communication style.

Stay updated

New contractors join Contra regularly. Keep checking back to stay updated on the latest additions to our network.

Ready to discover top talent on Contra? Dive into our Discover feed today and experience the difference in your contractor search!

Need further assistance or have specific requirements? Feel free to reach out to us at Our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Unlock the potential of Contra's Discover feed and find the perfect contractor for your project today!

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