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Samantha Taylor
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Are you working for yourself but have found yourself completely and utterly confused with how to send and/or receive an invoice for your project work? Trust us, you are not the only one. In this article, we will guide you through the quick and easy steps to sending an invoice for free through Contra 👇

What is an Invoice? 🧾

You can think of an invoice as a document that showcases the services that you have provided a client. In your case, it itemizes and records a transaction between your client and and you (a freelancer).

Invoices 101: Here’s What to Know About Billing Clients 🤓

Let's unravel the ins and outs of invoicing!


You are a freelance designer, hired to do 3 logo variations for a new company about to launch to the world. To get paid by your Client, you can send an invoice like this:

Why use an Invoice? 🧐

Benefits to Creating Invoices:

  • Get paid fast 💨 to your Contra Wallet
  • Get paid 100% commission-free 💰
  • Easily bill Clients without setting up a Paid Project

Using an E-Invoice

Invoices can both be physical and digitized. On Contra, all invoices are "E-Invoices" here are a few benefits of choose to go digital with your invoice:

  • Decreased chance of physical damage
  • Faster to send and receive
  • Can backlog on your computer or hard drives
  • Easy to file and search for digitally
  • Reduction of paper use

How-To Invoice Clients, A Beginners Guide

As a freelancer, getting paid is a must. But not everyone knows how to invoice. Here’s how to create invoices with ease.

When to use an Invoice ✨

So how do you know when is the right time to send an invoice? There are a few use cases 👇

  • Invoices based on hours work
  • Invoices for fixed-fee projects
  • Expenses (e.g., subscriptions, tools)
  • Changes in project scope
  • Project revisions

Let us know what questions you have about invoicing! ✉️

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