What Is a UGC Creator? How to Become One in 2023 🤳

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Learn what a UGC creator is, why brands prefer them for marketing, and how to become one. Plus, discover how UGC creators differ from influencers.

The digital sphere is brimming with influencers, but it's the authenticity and genuine connection with audiences that make content truly shine. But who’s responsible for driving this change? Enter: user-generated content (UGC) creators. 

Away from the rehearsed scripts and curated aesthetics, these mavericks paint the internet with genuine strokes of creativity. 

In this article, we'll unravel what UGC creators are and how to become one in just five steps. Ready to discover how to stand out, connect deeply, and lead with authenticity in a world craving genuine narratives? Let’s dive right in.

What is a UGC creator? 🤔

Besides influencers, UGC creators have become a driving force in the digital landscape. They're not just content creators –– they're everyday heroes, sharing raw, unfiltered glimpses of their experiences, wisdom, and passions. They steer clear of rehearsed scripts or staged promotions and prioritize heart over hype. 

Whether it's a candid blog post, a heartfelt video, or a snapshot capturing a fleeting moment, their authenticity shines through. If you've ever felt a digital piece resonate deep within or spark a conversation, chances are that a UGC creator was behind it.

Why are UGC creators so popular among brands? 💭

Remember, authenticity reigns supreme, and UGC creators are truly a goldmine for brands. They appeal to resonate with audiences and foster genuine connections through their curated content. Let's further delve into why these genuine content crafters have brands buzzing:

  • Authentic content that resonates: Traditional advertising can sometimes feel detached or overly polished. UGC creators offer a raw, real perspective. Their content feels more genuine because it often is — a real user sharing their real experience. This builds trust and deeply resonates with audiences.
  • Higher engagement rates: Audiences engage more with content that feels relatable. UGC often leads to higher engagement rates, including likes, shares, and comments, simply because it doesn't come off as a blatant sales pitch.
  • More cost-efficient: Collaborating with UGC creators can be more cost-effective than launching large-scale ad campaigns. Brands get to tap into an existing, engaged audience while incurring fewer costs.
  • Fresh and diverse perspectives: Every UGC creator has their own unique voice, style, and perception. This diversity means brands can showcase their products or services in a wealth of ways, reaching different target demographic segments.
  • Builds a sense of community: UGC blurs the lines between brands and consumers. It encourages a community of brand advocates who actively create and share content, amplifying the brand's reach and reinforcing loyalty.

5 steps to becoming a UGC creator 🪜

Embarking on a journey as a UGC creator is an exciting expedition in the content creation world. With passion, efforts, and an engaged community, you'll not only build a substantial digital presence but also make meaningful connections with brands and followers. Here are five essential steps to becoming a UGC creator:

1. Identify your unique voice and niche 🗣️

Start by recognizing what you're passionate about. Whether it's a specific hobby, a product category, or a lifestyle, determine where you can contribute authentically. Your content should reflect genuine interest and enthusiasm.

2. Choose your UGC platform 🧐

Research and familiarize yourself with different UGC creator platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or other emerging channels. Analyze the user demographics, content formats, and engagement levels to find the platform that complements your niche and resonates with your target audience.

3. Develop your UGC strategy 🧶

Craft a clear and comprehensive UGC strategy. Define your content themes, posting frequency, and target audience. Set realistic goals for growth and engagement, outlining the steps you’ll take to achieve them.

4. Create content 📱

Roll up your sleeves and start producing captivating UGC. Leverage your niche and platform knowledge to brainstorm content ideas that align with your strategy. Be consistent with your posting schedule to build momentum and engage your audience.

5. Build your UGC creator portfolio 🗃️

Curate your finest UGC pieces into a portfolio that showcases your talent and creativity. Your portfolio should highlight your range of content and demonstrate your unique style, making it an indispensable tool when approaching brands or seeking collaborations.

Tips for monetizing your job as a UGC creator 🔥 

If you’re an aspiring UGC creator, you definitely would like to monetize your passion and transform it into a rewarding career –– but these efforts require a strategic approach. Embrace these UGC creator tips and unleash your potential in this exciting niche:

  • Use platforms to find brand deals: Leverage social media platforms to connect with brands seeking collaborations. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok often have dedicated features to facilitate brand partnerships, enabling you to showcase your work and attract lucrative deals.
  • Network with brands and business owners: Actively engage in networking events, online communities, and industry conferences to expand your professional circle. Building meaningful relationships with brands and business owners can open doors to exciting collaboration opportunities.
  • Refine your pitch: Craft a compelling pitch that highlights your unique value proposition and showcases how your content can align with a brand’s objectives. A well-articulated pitch increases your chances of securing brand partnerships.
  • Understand your worth: Know the value of your content and influence in the market. As you gain experience and build a solid portfolio, confidently negotiate fair compensation for your work and time.
  • Diversify your revenue streams: Beyond brand deals, explore other avenues to generate income, such as affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, or securing sponsored content.
  • Offer premium content: Consider creating tutorials, storytelling videos, challenges, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into your creative process. Engaging and authentic content will help build a loyal community and attract brands looking for genuine partnerships.

6 ideas to get started as a UGC creator 💡

Starting as a UGC creator can be daunting. But once you find your creative footing and connect with your audience, the world of UGC opens up, offering a rewarding and fulfilling experience like no other.

Here are six UGC creator ideas to explore:

  • Themed Instagram series: Craft a weekly series around a passion point, like DIY crafts or daily mindfulness practices. This consistency gives followers a routine treat, driving engagement.
  • Local highlights and reviews: Dive into local explorations, covering businesses or hidden gems in videos or stories. Positioning yourself as the local guide can invite collaborations with regional businesses.
  • Document a personal challenge: Commit to a transformative 30-day challenge, from fitness goals to new skills. As you share daily updates, viewers eagerly anticipate growth or change.
  • Behind-the-scenes insights: Reveal the making of your art, project, or any hobby. Showcasing the effort behind your final product humanizes your content and builds trust.
  • Interactive content series: Host weekly Q&A sessions on the YouTube Community Tab or create user-driven polls. This platform is excellent for direct audience interaction, boosting content reach and fostering a sense of community among followers.
  • Storytelling vlogs: Narrate interesting tales, be it your latest trip or a crafted story. A good narrative captures attention, pulling in varied viewership.

UGC creators vs. influencers: What sets them apart 🎭

UGC creators and influencers are vital personalities of the content creation world and often intersect, but both hold distinct roles.

UGC creators typically focus on crafting content rooted in authenticity and personal experience. Their work, often spontaneous, resonates with real-life scenarios, making it relatable and fostering genuine brand-user interactions.

Influencers, on the other hand, have a substantial following and primarily influence opinions or behaviors. They often collaborate with brands, leading to polished and planned content. While they, too, offer originality, it's often within brand-aligned frameworks.

In a nutshell, UGC creators thrive on raw authenticity, while influencers leverage their broad reach and brand collaborations. Both play crucial roles in the digital content landscape.

Create stellar UGC content with Contra 😍 

Navigating the online ecosystem as a UGC creator is a thrilling journey –– one paved with genuine connections, raw authenticity, and boundless creativity. If you're an Independent looking to make waves in UGC creation, now's the time to showcase your flair and finesse. Join Contra for Independents, and offer your UGC services to a global clientele, all while enjoying commission-free freedom.

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