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I'll help with transferring your existing website to Framer, whether you already have a website hosted on other services, or you have a design in Figma. I'll make sure the website is fully responsive and ready to launch in Framer.

  • I'll also offer you a redesign and improvement to your existing website for an extra fee.

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What's included

  • Migrating to Framer

    I'll help you migrate an existing design or website that you wish to transfer to Framer (Up to 4 Pages).

  • Fully Responsive Website.

    You will receive a fully responsive website in Framer. I'll make sure the website is optimized across all devices.

  • Beautiful Interactions & Animations.

    I'll enhance the experience of your website with sleek animations and smooth interactions.

  • CMS Integration.

    I'll connect the content of your website to a robust and easy to edit CMS. Whether it's a blog or personal projects or any other content.

  • Help With Setting Up The Website.

    I'll guide you through setting up your website's title and description, and how to add your personal custom domain.

  • Instructions & Ongoing Support.

    I'll provide clear instructions on how make changes and modifications to the website. I also offer a monthly maintenance package, where I help you keep the website up to date.

  • Website Redesign (Optional)

    I'll redesign your existing website, and help you improve the overall look and user experience (For an extra fee).


1-2 weeks

Skills and tools

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