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Through a graphics department we are able to develop important digital solutions to represent the ideas and stylistic concepts specific to each company. We shape creative graphics that manage to capture the attention of anyone observing the digital service and excite them. We have equipped our graphics department with the most advanced digital technologies on the market to allow your ideas to always range without limits.

What's included

  • Custom Website Design Mockups:

    Description: Tailored design mockups created according to the client's preferences and brand identity. Format: High-resolution image files (JPEG or PNG) showcasing desktop and mobile versions. Quantity: 2 initial design concepts for client review. Revisions: Up to 3 rounds of revisions based on client feedback to ensure satisfaction

  • Responsive Website Development

    Description: Development of a fully responsive website based on the approved design concept. Format: HTML/CSS files, along with any necessary JavaScript for interactivity. Quantity: 1 fully functional website compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Revisions: Minor adjustments post-development, such as text edits or image replacements

  • Content Management System (CMS) Integration:

    Description: Integration of a user-friendly CMS (e.g., WordPress, Joomla) to enable easy content updates. Format: Access credentials to the CMS platform along with documentation for basic usage. Quantity: 1 CMS installation and configuration tailored to the client's requirements. Revisions: Assistance with initial content population and training on CMS usage, if requested.

  • On-Page SEO Optimization:

    Description: Implementation of on-page SEO techniques to enhance the website's visibility and search engine rankings. Format: Meta tags, headings, image alt attributes, and other SEO elements optimized for targeted keywords. Quantity: Comprehensive on-page optimization covering all website pages. Revisions: Ongoing monitoring and adjustments based on SEO performance analysis.

  • Website Launch Support:

    Description: Assistance with the deployment and launch of the website on the client's hosting server. Format: Guidance on domain setup, server configuration, and website transfer (if applicable). Quantity: Hands-on support throughout the launch process to ensure a smooth transition. Revisions: Addressing any post-launch issues or compatibility concerns to guarantee optimal website functionality.

Skills and tools

Graphic Designer
Logo Designer
Web Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD



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