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Let's explore the unlimited potential of web applications for your success. We are experts in developing bespoke web solutions, designed to meet your specific needs. From concept to implementation, we shape engaging and functional web applications, providing an extraordinary user experience. Using cutting-edge technologies and a user-centered approach, we transform your vision into digital reality. With scalable and high-performance web applications, you will have a competitive advantage in your market. We are passionate about turning ideas into digital successes, and together we will build web applications that improve your business efficiency, expand your reach, and leave an indelible impression on your users.

What's included

  • User Interface (UI) Design Mockups

    Description: A set of high-fidelity UI design mockups showcasing the visual representation of the web application's interface. Format: PNG or JPEG files. Quantity: Minimum of three mockups covering key pages (e.g., homepage, dashboard, profile). Revisions: Two rounds of revisions based on client feedback.

  • Interactive Prototype

    Description: An interactive prototype allowing the client to navigate through the web application's interface and experience its functionality. Format: Web-based prototype (e.g., InVision, Figma prototype link). Quantity: One prototype covering the main user flows and interactions. Revisions: One round of revisions based on client feedback.

  • Frontend Development

    Description: The frontend implementation of the web application based on the approved UI design and interactive prototype. Format: HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, along with any necessary image assets. Quantity: Complete frontend development covering all pages and features. Revisions: Minor revisions to ensure alignment with the approved design and functionality.

  • Documentation and User Guide

    Description: Comprehensive documentation outlining the technical specifications, architecture, and usage instructions for the web application. Format: PDF document. Quantity: One document covering all relevant aspects of the application. Revisions: One round of revisions to address any clarification or additional information required.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance Report

    Description: A detailed report summarizing the results of testing and quality assurance conducted on the web application. Format: PDF document. Quantity: One report including test cases, test results, and any identified issues or bugs. Revisions: N/A (Report to be finalized after thorough testing).

Skills and tools

Frontend Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
Software Engineer



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