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My press release writing service involves a comprehensive process designed to effectively communicate your message to the media and the public. This begins with a thorough understanding of your objectives, the nature of the announcement, and your target audience.

I will then conduct any necessary research to fully grasp the context of the news event, product, or service you wish to promote. This ensures that the press release is accurate, relevant, and compelling.

The drafting process involves crafting a headline that grabs attention, an engaging lead that concisely summarizes the news, and subsequent paragraphs that provide further details. I will also include relevant quotes from key personnel, as well as a boilerplate with information about your company.

I am committed to adhering to the standard press release format that journalists expect, while also injecting a level of creativity and storytelling to make your news stand out.

Proofreading and editing are integral parts of my service to ensure that the final press release is free of errors and polished to the highest standard.

If desired, I can also provide guidance on potential media outlets that would be most suitable for distributing your press release, helping to ensure that it reaches the right audience.

Finally, I believe that client satisfaction is paramount, so I offer a round of revisions to fine-tune the press release based on your feedback. The final deliverable will be provided in your preferred format, ready for distribution.

Through this service, my aim is not just to write a press release, but to create a powerful communication tool that helps achieve your PR objectives.

What's included

  • Press Release

    Upon completion of the project, the client will receive: 1. A professionally written press release, tailored to the client's target audience and specifications. 2. Comprehensive proofreading and editing to ensure flawless content. 3. Upon request, a list of suggested media outlets for distribution. 4. If needed, a round of revisions based on the client's feedback to ensure complete satisfaction. 5. Final press release in the client's desired format (e.g., Word document, Google Doc, PDF).


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