Contra features


Create and monetize your new project-based, collaborative professional identity.

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Never create another r*sume ✍

Feature your best work through the projects you’ve worked on, with the people you love working with.

  • Project-based profiles

    Showcase your skills through projects, not titles.

  • Collaborate

    Feature project collaborators to build your community.

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Get paid projects with services 💰

Standardize what you are best at — no more scrambling to figure out pricing and packages.

  • Gain more leads

    Turn project views into leads by showcasing your services.

  • Dive into new projects

    Get started, faster

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Measure, improve, repeat 💸

You'll have all of the tools to feature your best work, close more leads, and work the way you want to — right at your fingertips.

  • Get key insights

    Improve and level up your skills.

  • Take charge

    Walk it like you talk it.

Work the way you want

A new professional community for your independent journey

And so much more...

We are rethinking the professional community from the ground up.

  • Jenny! 👋 Want to
    collaborate on this?

    Project Terms

    Yes! Let’s do it. 💥

    Get referrals

    Messages + Notifications

    Send and receive referrals from your trusted community. Keep project conversations organized.

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  • Commission-free


    Manage your paid projects all in one place with commission-free payments (coming soon).

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  • Your community

    Community Feed

    Discover new job opportunities in your feed, and get trusted referrals from your community.

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  • Your connections

    Lists + Recommendations

    Easily create and share public or private lists. Keep your community organized.

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