A new way
to work

Create and monetize your new project-based, collaborative professional identity.

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Never create another resume

Feature your best work through the projects you’ve worked on, and the people you love working with.

  • Project-based profiles

    Showcase your skills through projects, not roles.

  • Collaborative

    Feature project collaborators to build your network.

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Get paid projects 💰 faster with services

  • Get more leads

    Turn project views into leads by linking related services.

  • Start projects faster

    Services gets you hired faster & easier.

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Measure, improve, repeat 💸

Early adopters of Contra will get free access to our Pro Analytics so you’ll have all the tools to feature your best work, close the most leads, and work the way you want.

  • Get key insights

    See for yourself where you can improve & level up.

  • Take charge

    Everything you need to own your independent career.

Work the way you want

A new pr*fessional n*twork for your independent journey

And so much more...

We are rethinking the professional network from the ground up.

  • Your network

    Lists + Recommendations

    Easily create and share public or private lists. Keep your network organized.

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  • Your community

    Community Feed

    Discover new job opportunities in your feed and get trusted referrals from your network.

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  • Jenny! 👋 Want to
    collaborate on this?

    Project Terms

    Yes! Let’s do it. 💥

    Get referrals

    Messages + Notifications

    Send and receive referrals from your trusted network. Keep project conversations organized.

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  • Commission free


    Manage your paid projects all in one place with commission-free payments.

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