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VantaCloud's Microsoft/Google Tenant Admin Setup service offers a comprehensive foundation for your business's digital infrastructure. We provide tenant creation, basic configuration, integration of one domain, initial admin account setup, and essential security settings. Our service is designed to be flexible, with options for additional domain integration and user account creation to meet your specific business needs.


  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding your specific requirements for the tenant setup.
  2. Tenant and Domain Setup: Establishing the tenant and integrating the primary domain.
  3. Admin Account Creation: Setting up the initial admin account with full access.
  4. Security Implementation: Applying standard security and compliance measures.
  5. Alias and Organizational Structure: Configuring aliases and the basic organizational framework.
  6. Additional Customizations: Integrating extra domains and creating additional user accounts as required.


  • How long does the setup process take?

    The Tenant Admin Setup usually takes 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity and specific requirements of your setup, such as additional domains or user accounts.

  • Can you assist with data migration to the new tenant?

    Yes, data migration services are available and will be quoted separately based on the volume and complexity of the data.

  • Is there downtime during the setup?

    We aim to minimize downtime and schedule major changes during off-peak hours. Some brief interruptions may occur, which we'll communicate in advance.

What's included

  • Tenant Creation and Basic Configuration:

    Establishment of your Microsoft or Google tenant, including initial setup and configuration of essential settings and security measures.

  • Initial Admin Account Creation:

    Setup of the initial admin account, providing full access to tenant management and configuration settings.

  • Domain Integration:

    Integration of one primary domain with your tenant, ensuring seamless domain management and email routing.

  • Security and Compliance Settings:

    Implementation of standard security protocols and compliance settings to safeguard your digital environment.

  • Alias and Organizational Structure Setup:

    Configuration of aliases and basic organizational structure within the tenant, facilitating efficient communication and departmental organization.



Peter Kristensen • Foil Miami

Client • Jan 31, 2024

Creating Foil Miami with VantaCloud, led by Dylan, has been a remarkable experience. From logo design to website completion, his vision and expertise shone through. The seamless booking system and operational automations have simplified business management. VantaCloud's attention to detail and understanding of our needs crafted a standout brand in Miami's watersports market. Dylan's skill in bringing our vision to life has positioned Foil Miami for success from day one.

Jason Matthews • Goldbar Team

Client • Jan 26, 2024

Dylan "Vantacloud" has been instrumental in enhancing our operations through expert software integrations, system automations, and maximizing CRM output. He adeptly troubleshoots, improving CRM functionalities and communicating effectively with developers. With a knack for business optimization and tech solutions, Dylan's work boosts efficiency and productivity. His ability to tackle tech-related tasks confidently makes him highly recommended for any technological business solutions.

Skills and tools

Business Consultant
Systems Engineer
Database Administrator
Google Apps
G Suite
Microsoft Office 365

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