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In search of logo design and branding services? Your search ends here! With expertise in branding, creative direction, and a passion for staying updated with design trends, I can assist you in creating a strong visual identity that resonates with your audience and effectively conveys your brand's message. Invest in your brand's success with a custom logo and essential branding elements to establish an outstanding presence.

What's included

  • Brand Discovery

    After our initial call, I'll collaborate closely with you to define your core brand elements and style. We'll explore options and refine them to create a final version aligning with your brand's personality and audience.

  • Logo Design

    You'll receive the final logo in standard color variations (positive, negative, monochrome) and orientations (portrait, landscape) in various formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG).

  • Colour Palette

    I'll suggest harmonious colors that reflects your values and energy, crafting a memorable visual identity.

  • Typography Pairing

    I'll recommend a selection of the typefaces for your brand which will ensure visual consistency across all communications.

  • Basic Style Guide

    A concise PDF summarizing logo usage, typography, and color values in RGB and CMYK.

Example projects


2 weeks

Skills and tools

Brand Designer
Logo Designer
Adobe Illustrator

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