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Building websites has never been so easy, StudioDuo makes it easy by helping you go from Idea/Design to Live Website in no time.
What you get from working with us:

- A high-converting, beautiful, website that represents the quality and value of your business.

- 100% SEO Optimization

- Great Google Lighthouse Score

- Asynchronous Communication

- Top-notch Accessibility

- Time and Cost Efficiency

- Quick Delivery

- Responsive and Fast Performance

- Customizability and Unlimited Revisions

- Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our Process:

- Discovery and Requirements Gathering: We engage in discussions to understand the project requirements, goals, target audience, and desired outcomes and to ensure a clear understanding of the project.

- Design and Prototyping: If you [Client] have existing designs in tools like Figma, you can share those with us. We review the designs and collaborate with you to finalize the visual elements, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) aspects. We make use of Figma to create interactive mockups for better visualization and validation.

- Content and Data Preparation: You provide the necessary content, such as text, images, videos, and any other assets required for the project. We help organize and optimize the content for the website.

- Development: Based on the approved designs and prototypes, we utilize no-code development platforms [Framer or Webflow] to build the website. We configure pre-built components, and drag-and-drop elements, and customize the functionality using visual editors and workflows.

- Testing and Quality Assurance: We perform thorough testing of the website to ensure it functions as intended and is free of any bugs or errors. We check for cross-browser compatibility, and responsiveness on different devices, and validate the user flows and interactions.

- Client Review and Feedback: We present the developed website to you for review. You examine the functionality, design, and overall user experience. You provide feedback and request any necessary revisions or modifications.

- Deployment and Go-Live: Once you approve the final version of the website, we prepare it for deployment. We configure the necessary hosting, domain setup, and any additional integrations. We ensure that the website is ready for launch and assist you during the go-live process.

- Training and Handover: If needed, we provide training to you on managing and updating the website using the chosen no-code tools. We document any specific instructions or guidelines for you to maintain and make changes to the project in the future.

- Ongoing Support: After the project is delivered, we may offer ongoing support and maintenance services. We address any post-launch issues, provide updates or upgrades, and assist with scaling or adding new features as required.

What's included

  • 📣 3-Month Framer Pro Complimentary Access (Optional) 🎁

    As a certified Framer Partner, I can offer you a special promo code, giving you three free months of Framer Pro. This includes additional CMS collections, staging capabilities, analytics, and more.

  • 📣 Framer Remix Access 🧑🏿‍💻

    You'll receive a link to remix (or duplicate) the completed website project in Framer.

  • 📣 Live Website URL 🔗 ⛬

    Your website will be hosted on either a Framer subdomain (like xyz.framer.website) or your own custom domain (such as xyz.com).

  • 📣 Website Review and Feedback Session 💬

    We'll showcase the developed website to you for your evaluation. You'll check its functionality, design, and overall user experience, and provide any feedback or request changes as needed.

  • 📣 Continuous Support and Maintenance 🚀

    We're here to help even after your project goes live. Our ongoing support includes addressing post-launch issues, updating or upgrading your site, and helping you scale or integrate new features whenever you need.


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