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In need of top-notch Framer web development services? We are a skilled team of two specializing in Framer templates, Shopify stores, and cutting-edge UI designs.
You're gonna love what you get:
  • Clear costs with a fixed price tag
  • Say goodbye to pointless meetings
  • Lightning-fast delivery that'll impress you
  • Your website will feel like it's at warp speed
  • We'll keep revising until you're thrilled
  • We'll boost your search engine mojo (SEO)
Here's how we'll make it happen:
  1. Discovery Chat: Let's hop on a chat or call about your awesome idea.
  2. Design Magic: We'll whip up a stunning Website using Figma for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.
  3. Tech Wizardry: Our team will bring your site to life in Framer with cool animations and all.
  4. Showtime: We'll hand over the Framer magic to you and launch your site with a flourish.

What's included

  • Design

    Figma design of your Website in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

  • Website

    Ready-to-launch mobile friendly website in Framer.

  • Domain configuration

    Want your custom domain in Framer? We'll set it up for you!


3-5 weeks

Skills and tools

Work with me

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fixed rate, 2 - 3 weeks