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Introducing Land on Social, the ultimate social media strategy package that will skyrocket your brand's presence on the digital sphere!

Let's face it, trying to win on social media without a proper strategy is like trying to win a game of hopscotch in the dark, blindfolded, with one foot tied behind your back. Not a good look, right?

That's why our team of design and engagement wizards are here to help you hit that bullseye and reach your social media goals!

What's Included 🍄

We start by working with you to identify your goals and create a strategy objective. From there, we dive into the heart of your brand, crafting a brand storytelling narrative that resonates with your target audience. We also analyze your social media presence and your competitors to identify areas of opportunity for growth.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your brand and its audience, we develop a comprehensive content strategy that includes growth tactics, content pillars, and content ideas.

We'll help you create possible bios and a feed strategic guide, and work with you to develop a highlight strategy that will keep your audience engaged. Our team also has a deep understanding of caption, hashtag, and SEO strategy, so we'll make sure your posts are optimized for success.

At the end of the process, you'll have a tailored social media strategy that is specific to your brand and designed to land you in your audience's mind.


How it works 👥

  • First up, is a discovery call to know more about your objectives, your goals, and how we could help you
  • We'll work out a time that bests suits you to start working together
  • You'll fill out a questionnaire where we'll find out your business goals and any growth opportunities we'll like to anticipate.
  • We’ll work hard developing all your content and growth strategies, 1 month's worth of content ideas, and so much more for 1-2 weeks to give you the best results you can imagine.
  • Once we finish, we’ll schedule a call and present to you everything. You’ll receive a recording and transcription of this 2.5 hour call.
  • Even after the project's completion, we'll be here to answer any inquiries and offer our support for a full 30 days, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you every step of the way.


  • Do you offer white labeling?

    Yes, we partner with agencies to white label our services to their clients and we can do so at a discounted rate. For more information, click the "Contact me" button!

  • What is the refund policy?

    No refunds are available.

What's included

  • Social Audit

    Gives you a full view of how social media is working (or not) for your business. It includes a competitor audit + SWOT analysis.

  • Target market & Brand positioning

    Whom you should be interacting and speaking to + how you want to be perceived.

  • Overall Content Strategy

    The general social media strategies you will follow to create content, engage and achieve your goals. It includes suggested posting cadence, channel optimization, tone of voice and what each type of post will mean for your brand.

  • Extra: Engagement + Launch Strategy

    Suggested engagement cadence with researched keywords in order to reach your audience on social. If you're going to re-launch your social media channels, this will be much needed! We'll create a plan for you to capture everyone's attention.

  • Growth Strategy

    Strategies that will make you grow on social media and keep you in the minds of all your customers.

  • Content Topics & Distribution

    Give you an overview of each content topic and a distribution strategy for each platform (with percentages!)

  • Content Ideas

    A list of approximately 10 content posts per topic.

  • Platform Bios

    We'll provide you with 2 versions of bios for your social media profiles.

  • Hasthag + SEO strategy

    You'll use hashtags and keywords that will be related to each post and then you should analyze the most effective ones to continue using.

  • Recording of our Creative Lead going through the presentation

    After we finish with the strategy, we'll send you a recording of our Creative Lead going through all the points and content of the presentation. You can keep this for future reference!


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