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There's nothing more hurting the business than having a webshop with poor foundations unable to scale. In a few years, it will mean a complete redesign. If you are familiar with that, you've come to the right place.

Let's get the foundations right.

I will help you build your eCommerce on Shopify and teach you the basics in how to maintain it yourself. With over 7 years of experience in building websites, webshops and working with complex custom webshops, I know what you need to start your business right.


  • Do you provide Shopify development, too?

    If it's a simple webshop, yes! We will choose from an existing theme and I will customize to your unique branding and user needs. My main focus is on creating the good structure of the website, thinking about the user and translating your unique brand into the recognizable shopping experience.

What's included

  • Discovery

    More important than designing solutions is to find the right problems. Discovery phase is the fastest way to get me onboard on the project so we can make the right decisions and focus on our unique value preposition. Kick-off Meeting
 - Purpose: Discuss the project and understand your needs.
Goal Provide a more accurate project estimate. - Research Phase: Conduct industry research for better understanding.
- Analyze competitors to identify opportunities.
 - Collect referrals for inspiration and competitor analysis.

Skills and tools

UX Designer
UI Designer

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