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About this service


About the service

Need help with setting up your Framer website? I've got you covered! I specialize in crafting premium Framer websites, offering an all-in-one Framer site package that takes your site from 0 to 1.

Here's what you'll get:

Expert Framer Partner: as a trusted Framer partner and verified expert with over 100 Framer projects and 50 clients under my belt, I bring plenty of hands-on experience to ensure a smooth and reliable web development journey.

Cost Savings: unlock reduced costs with an exclusive 25% discount partner code for site plans, making your website development more budget-friendly.

Distinctive Web Design: need a design that will WOW your audience and 10x your conversion? Elevate your business above the competition with a premium web design that captures attention and sets you apart by a web design expert.

Comprehensive Site Maintenance: Scale and grow your site effortlessly with included maintenance services. From updates to security checks, I've got your back for the long haul with a DISCOUNTED fee.

Transparent Communication: Stay in the loop throughout the entire project with reliable communication (every 24-48h!). I'm committed to keeping you informed about the progress every step of the way.

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  • What does the this service include?

    It covers the entire web design and development process using Framer, ensuring a seamless experience from concept to launch.

  • How will I stay updated on the project's progress?

    Count on transparent and reliable communication throughout the entire project. You'll be informed every step of the way on our Slack channel.

  • How experienced are you with Framer?

    I'm a verified Framer partner with plenty of hands-on experience, bringing expertise to guarantee an efficient and reliable development process.

  • How long until website will be ready?

    Depending on the project's complexity, but usually between 1-4 weeks.

  • What's included in the site maintenance?

    The maintenance package ensures your site is always up-to-date, secure, and ready to scale with your growing business and new content, CMS updates and more.

  • Can I get a discount on site plans?

    Absolutely! As a valued client, you enjoy reduced costs with an exclusive partner code for site plans.

What's included

  • 1. Consultation

    Through a call, email, or messaging, we'll discuss your unique needs and wants for your website.

  • 2. Website Design

    Moving to Figma, you'll get a complete website design for your business, either according to existing brand guidelines or completely from scratch.

  • 3. Framer Development

    Swift, efficient, and professionally executed development ensures your site is fully responsive, fast, and optimized for SEO.

  • 4. Content Optimization

    I'll provide guidance on structuring and optimizing your content to resonate with your target audience and improve search engine visibility.

  • 5. Maintenance

    Low-cost maintenance packages to ensure your site will be up-to-date, fast and well optimized even with newly added content.



Artyum is a very talented designer who implements solutions with great attention to detail. Expect very creative solutions from him and a highly professional but also pleasant collaboration.

Dekel Malul • Kubegurus

Client • Mar 11, 2024

Artyum helped me create a website for a tech service company, which has surpassed my expectations. He was always available to answer questions and give me a great customer experience. He helped me with a number of revisions as I didn't really have a view of how my actual website would look like, and he totally nailed it. So if you are wondering who can help you set your website don't look farther I am glad to endorse Artyum and suggest him to help you out with your online webiste.

Pramatra Space

Client • Mar 11, 2024

Artyum is a very pleasant professional; he is very quick to respond and align with your expectations. I would recommend him for website development.

Nathan Brush

Client • Mar 5, 2024

Artyum did a fantastic job designing and building a landing page in Framer for a recruitment software business. He communicated quickly and effectively, was very patient and understanding through a few rounds of amends, and showed real care in ensuring the finished product hit the mark. Would highly recommend!

Neil Schaffer

Client • Mar 4, 2024

Artyum was a pleasure. He is a skilled and creative designer. His work was accurate and fast. He was unfailingly polite, helpful and responsive. I look forward working on other projects with him. I would gladly recommend him to others.

Artyum worked with us on the development of our new ANCC Studio Ltd website, it was a pleasure working with him and we'd happily work with him again. He was fast, efficient, friendly, professional and exactly what you'd hope for from a freelancer!

Bex Highfield • ActionRocket

Client • Jan 19, 2024

Artyum has been an absolute joy to work with. Knowing minimal about Framer ourselves we needed a professional & he has been a helping hand from start to finish. Being on hand, answering every question & completing every amend as requested!

Ben Clay

Client • Jan 2, 2024

Artyum has been an absolute joy to work with. He took my vision and brought it to life. I couldn’t be more pleased with that Artyum has created for our company website. Communication was clear and quick and we were constantly collaborating on ideas which I loved. I couldn’t recommend Artyum enough. Thanks again!

Sean Ashlow • Anchovies

Client • Dec 5, 2023

Artyum is always so great to work with!!

Christopher E. Johnson

Client • Oct 20, 2023

Christopher E. recommends working with Artyum

Sean Ashlow • Anchovies

Client • Jul 24, 2023

Artyum was so wonderful to work with! He was quick, responsive and did a great job working on our project. Our agency will definitely partner again with him in the future!


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