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This is for you if:

  • You feel like you could be doing more when it comes to your business' email marketing
  • You haven't had the time or know-how to kick off your business' email marketing
  • You feel like you are rushing to throw things together for your email subscribers
  • You see other brands finding success and wonder how you can achieve the same for your business
  • You simply don't have the bandwidth to be involved in running your business' email marketing

Return on Investment:

  • Elevated and consistent email design
  • Newly implemented or refreshed automated flows
  • List generation and/or capitalization of your established list
  • Loyalty growth of your email subscription base
  • Increased conversion of each email

What's included

  • Email marketing planning and implementation ("strategy light")

    We'll have a kick-off and light discovery call to assess your gaps and goals. We'll go over system implementation and execution (Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Kajabi, HubSpot, MailChimp etc). All to ensure your emails are beautiful, brand-aligned and you have a solid strategy for automated flows.

  • Initial set up of 3 flows (limit 4 emails per flow)

    Automate your customer journey with flows! The most impactful flows are also the ones you should set live first. Suggested D2C flows to create first: - Welcome series: a welcome series flow introduces subscribers to your brand and converts them into first-time customers. - Abandoned cart: an abandoned cart flow converts would-be customers; this flow is customizable based on items in someone's cart and whether they're already a customer. - Post-purchase: a post-purchase flow shows appreciation for customers and lets them know about related products they might be interested in. - Win-back: a win-back flow re-engages customers who purchased in the past, but haven’t bought again in a while. This flow is customizable based on the products they've purchased and how many purchases they've made.

  • 4 emails monthly

    4 campaign emails of your choice per month! You provide a brief and the assets, and I will design, build, QA, schedule, and deploy your emails. - Design and copy adaptable - A/B testing included (i.e. subject line testing, copy heavy vs. less copy, product image testing) Need more support? Asset creation? Graphic-designed modules? I am happy to discuss and tailor to your needs.

  • Monthly Analytics

    See exactly where you stand with a monthly metrics report delivered to your inbox, ensuring we're aligned with your email marketing efforts. After our first three months, we'll take a look at how to tie certain metrics to your specific business goals. Monthly Measurement Report includes: - Email Revenue Summary (Campaign and Flow series) - Emails with the Highest and Lowest Revenue - A/B testing Summary - Key Metrics Summary: Open Rate, Clickthrough Rate, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate

Skills and tools

Email Marketer
Growth Marketer
Marketing Strategist
Active Campaign

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