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Let's work together to transform Notion into your perfect workspace, whether you're starting from scratch or already have a workspace set up. Our primary objectives are elegance, simplicity, and functionality, just like my other Notion projects and templates. With our collaboration, you can give your Notion a premium and professional feel and impress your friends and colleagues.

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  • Custom Notion Template

    Collaborate with me to build your ideal Notion template.



Smoul .

Freelancer • Mar 5, 2024

Smoul recommends working with Ruiyi

Smoul recommends working with Ruiyi

Freelancer • Aug 29, 2023

EP Creative

Freelancer • Feb 7, 2024

Ruiyi is great to work with! He understands what goes into a post-production process and therefore is able to give insight and collaborate effortlessly. Good communication, great professionalism.

Jen Chua

Freelancer • Nov 1, 2023

Jen recommends working with Ruiyi

Ankita Sontakke

Freelancer • Oct 25, 2023

It was one of a lifetime experience working with Easlo. The feedback provided has been great and so has been the overall approach to the project. I am looking forward to working again with the company soon. Highly recommend!


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