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Narkelia Carr

Client • Apr 10, 2024

'Thank you' simply does not do justice on the gratitude I have for working with Relevant Studios. The construct of pieces that this company has built for my brand is beyond amazing! From constructing strategic strategies to building systems to accountability that this company provides is immaculate. I HIGHLY recommend working with Relevant Studios for all your branding needs for I know that it will exceed your expectations because it have exceeded mine!

Phillip Ford

Client • Jul 19, 2023

I loved working with RELIVENT! There was so much professionalism and creativity that you just want to return! I look forward to my next project!

I met with Sandy of RELIVENT and her insight and depth of knowledge left me with solutions to my problems as well as tools the help make my life as a business owner much easier. I HIGHLY recommend their services.

Ashley at The Write Legacy hired RELIVENT and recommends working with them

Client • Jan 13, 2024

Jessica Ingram

Client • Apr 5, 2023

Man I so love my poetry book cover. I already knew they would do it right the first time, the lord told me to come to them. The lord also told me that they will do my next book cover soon and that we will soon one day work on other things.

Shelby Greer

Client • Mar 22, 2023

Working with Relivent has been so smooth & easy. Communication has been nothing short of professional & consistent. I LOVE my booking flyer. I was able to communicate what I wanted & Sandy executed it! I will definitely be using Relivent Studios again!

Shelby recommends working with RELIVENT

Client • Mar 22, 2023

Jakierra Thomas

Client • Mar 9, 2023

RELIVENT CO. Did an amazing Job helping me with my Rebranding. I was struggling with design concepts etc but they helped bring everything to life. Also, the brand strategy process was amazing and also, I love my Logo. 😍

Keri Nicole

Client • Mar 9, 2023

Let me tell you Relivent lives up to its name!! From every video post to every still picture. Sandy definitely knows what she’s doing and knows how to keep my social media “relevant” to my audience! This has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my career! Thank you Sandy so much for your amazing service!