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Abdullah Qureshi

Web Designer
UX Designer

Landing page design for Architectura, an architectural design agency

Disclaimer: This was a learning project, exploring framer and building a responsive landing page. Role

  • UX Designer
  • No Code Development


  • Framer


  • 1d


Creation of a minimalistic landing page for a architectural design agency. The landing has a brief intro, projects and a contact form.

Architectura Landing gif


I have been working with framer for sometime now. So I had this landing as a time boxed exercise to start from a blank canvas to the complete design. I first tried to use the framer AI to help me but it kept doing things I didn't like. To start of I generated a design as a baseline and started working with it.

✧ Framer Project: I created a new project with different breakpoints for responsive designs.

✧ Generating Baseline Design: Using framer AI, I played around with prompts to generate a landing page design. The generated designs were not what I wanted. But after some bad prompts it helped with the baseline design and the page structure.

✧ Breaking & Making Components: So with the baseline design, I started to break and make things. To have consistent visual design, I made reusable components.

✧ Project Styling: With the baseline design and the reusable components. I started to add text and color styles to the components and the page.

✧Animating & Publishing: After completing the landing design. I started adding animations to the UI elements. The animations made the landing a lively.

Inside the Framer project

Sections Showcased


I learned how to work with Framer AI, it's quite awesome by the way but comes with a few kinks, but it will get there. Alongside I was able to explore and learn more about Framer's-

  • Responsive design
  • Color and text styles
  • Animations & scrolling
  • Project assets creation for scaling design
  • Configuring and publishing websites.

Here's the live link, do checkout it out!

Thinking about remixing? I got you!

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