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Challenge: Improve visual identity and increase sales on Instagram.

Service: Marketing Consulting. We started with a market study, created the brand essence, visual & verbal identity, packaging, and finally made a social media strategy.

Olokaï is a low-cost clothing brand for women located in Teruel.

How did we puss the brand?

We conducted an audit to learn about the brand, the market, and its customers, and then developed a brand essence aimed at "highlighting the beauty of women and their vibrant and joyful spirit".

We translated this concept into a fresh and youthful visual identity, accompanied by a brand dictionary that accentuated this visual identity.

We landed all the essence of Olokaï on social networks; creating the pillars of content and ideas to publish, a possible feed, the cover of the highlights, among others. Accompanied by multiple hacks to connect with your community and increase followers and sales.

We also established new products and actions to increase face-to-face sales.

If you liked the work and want to give a 360º turn to your brand, this service is ideal for you!


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