DevOps engineer at [3.5 years]

Antonio Olmedo

DevOps Engineer
Python is the QMS (Quality Management System) for advanced quality management, providing this service to important companies in the industrial sector, like Seat or Nissan.

As the sole DevOps engineer on the team, it was my responsibility to attend all topics related to this area. Operating in AWS and following a very agile methodology, I had the opportunity to work on my daily basics with AWS using multiple services, such as EC2, ECS, S3, Lambda, CodeDeploy, SNS, and DynamoDB, among others.

Job responsibilities:

Performing deployments and upgrades, troubleshooting, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and alerts, SRE.


AWS, Scripting, MongoDB, Jenkins, SQL, NOSQL, Nagios, Grafana, Python, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Linux, Nginx, Docker, ELK, CI/CD, PostgreSQL, Redis

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