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Marleena Garris

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As the social media copywriter + collaborator, marketing communications and assignments are also delegated by me.

Here's the sitch:

Brief 🎫

Create a fresh campaign for a company that isn't known for it's social media outreach. St. Louis Shakespeare and Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre have two major obstacles.

1) The major company has a similar name to the other large classical company in the area

2) The outreach needed to be wider spread beyond word of mouth.

Write for the new audience target or possible patron - what would make this show worth going to? Who is going to this show? What are the questions that will come up? The goal was to make posts and content that included emails, graphics, and updates that will get people excited, laughing, and coming to the shows!

Test posts for engagement. We are actively working with new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. Collaboration and breaking patterns is helping us big time here!


Taking this project solo, I fully leaned into my experience with digital creation and literary analysis to create a campaign I believed would be compelling for the members of the public while taking into consideration what they are used to.

Please contact me about press release editing, email campaign creation, and documents!

Campaign Examples:

Clicking the posts will bring you to the page, where you can view the whole campaign!

STL Give Day 2023 Campaign

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