Short-Form Video Editing and Creation

Carmel Kundai Makaya

Content Creator
Video Editor
Social Media Manager
Adobe Premiere Pro

Short-form video is EVERYWHERE.

There is TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snap Spotlight, and I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow another platform is announced.

The question becomes: how do you efficiently and effectively create videos for these platforms? And what should you even say?

1) Repurpose content! And batch create content when possible.

2) Educate. Entertain. Relate.

Over the past 2 years, I have scripted, edited, packaged, and published 100+ educational, entertainment, and relatable short-form vertical videos.

Here are examples of recent videos I have created with these guiding principles in mind:

Educate and Repurpose (source: blog post)



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