Public Wise

Elizabeth Goodspeed

Art Director
Brand Strategist
Graphic Designer
Public Wise

Public Wise—Naming, identity, collateral design, and image research, designed at RoAndCo, for new Washington, D.C. based non-partisan voting rights organization.

Public Wise was formed in 2019 with the mission to create a government that better reflects the will of the people, as achieved through expanded access to the democratic process. The name, originally derived from a Teddy Roosevelt speech, speaks to the organization's core focus on widespread public access to voting, as well as their core belief that the collective wisdom of many leads to the best political outcome.

The logo and identity system lean into mid-century design motifs to add credibility and speak to the historical inspiration behind Public Wise's across-the-aisle approach. The multifaceted monogram represents the political spectrum——often bifurcated into separate colors and opposite ends of a line——folding in on itself and working in tandem, while also nodding to an ascending line graph and a voter’s tick mark.


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