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This project is just for fun (I am a fan of the company)

BAIKOH is a horrible, mean and terrifying word game.

I love it.

Also, it's not any of those things....completely.

With it's own charm and cutting inner monologue, BAIKOH is a game where you make as many *approved* words as you can to earn a number of points, or just continue to survive.

Basically: Don't suck.

I personally adore the game and thought it would be lovely to try and imagine what this game would be like on social media, and in the wild. The results'll see.

Brief 🧩

Create a series of images that fit BAIKOH's irreverent, first-person monologue. How would this game talk to players in person? Who is it for? How badly can it hurt me before I just get the darn game already?

Write for people who can take a punch. The player who gets into BAIKOH is FAR from taking themselves too seriously. BAIKOH will not allow it. Interested users will be sure to keep on their toes with the ads in places where BAIKOH knows they'll be looking. Because it knows everything.


After playing the game for...research purposes...I was able to properly gleam what posts would look like on social media and in the wild for this game. BAIKOH prides itself on laughing at the human when it's time to play, or even when they make an achievement. Nothing is ever a win, and in this game, a win is always a loss.

I decided that each post in the wild would have some sort of QR code for the game, but wanted to focus on the words for these examples.

*sigh* we'll never be good enough for BAIKOH. It's beautiful.

Take a gander at them below.

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