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Carlos Geronimo

Webflow Developer


Deckready is a website development project that involved creating a captivating online presence for Deckready, a company specializing in crafting unique and custom presentations for founders and businesses. The project aimed to transform the existing design on Figma into a fully functional website using the Webflow platform.

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Target Audience:

The website was designed to cater to founders and businesses seeking custom presentations to express their ambitions and stories effectively. The target audience included entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies looking to differentiate their pitches and engage their audiences.

Development Process:

The website development was executed using Webflow, a powerful design and development platform. The existing design on Figma served as the foundation for the development process. Some custom code was incorporated within the Webflow platform to enhance specific functionalities and interactions.

Features and Functionalities:

The website incorporated the complete design provided on Figma, ensuring a seamless transition from the client's initial vision to the final product.

Results and Outcomes:

The final website successfully transformed the client's existing design into a fully functional online platform. Deckready was highly satisfied with the outcome, as it accurately represented their brand and unique value proposition. The website's visual appeal, user-friendly navigation, and engaging interactions contributed to the client's business goals.

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