Elizabeth Goodspeed

Art Director
Brand Strategist
Graphic Designer

Breadwinner—Naming, visual identity, brand strategy, art direction, digital oversight, and collateral design for new sourdough technology and community platform Breadwinner.

The minute Fred Benenson told me about his idea for a smart sourdough jar, I was hooked. I joined his team of mechanical and software engineers very early in the process, and helped guide the project from a single piece of (admittedly niche) technology into a fully fleshed out brand; this included executing naming and a preliminary brand strategy, creating a full visual identity and art directing, as well as assembling a network of collaborators to help bring the full vision to life.

The friendly blackletter-inspired logo and typography system for Breadwinner mashes up the rich history of bread-making in Europe (Germany in particular) with the DIY punk ethos of making your own bread from scratch out of non-commercial ingredients. Our anthropomorphized loaf-and-starter helper characters, brought to life by Steve Gavan, take inspiration from classic helper mascots like Microsoft Clippy, and guide the user through the often intimidating sourdough bread-making process. Photography created with Cody Guilfoyle.


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