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Kubiro Socks

Challenge: Challenge: To convey what I really want with my brand and that the public understands it, to find that identity that differentiates it from the competition, and finally, to find a good aesthetic and a message that has engagement in social media.

Service - Complete marketing consultancy: market research, positioning, visual and verbal identity creation, new business ideas, social media and customer loyalty strategies, marketing plan, and calendar with actions.

We created a brand identity for Kubiro Socks fusing cosmopolitan ambition with an urban essence. We positioned it as "socks that reflect your personality" by creating storytelling for each of the collections to connect directly with the consumer who relates to the story behind it.

We established the basis of the brand essence and then landed it in content and visual manual for social networks. We also came up with new business opportunities to increase sales within the new identity.

Strength, urbanism, and an inspiring vibe were the basis for creating the visual identity. We started by looking for a color palette that conveyed the above and then we made the logo and its variations, the brand elements, social media template, brand manual, logo branding, and real-life brand exposure.

We developed a social media strategy to clearly communicate the new identity. We created content pillars, publication calendar, hashtags strategy, highlights strategy, stories, and posts, ending with a class of hacks to optimize the profile, attract more users, and grow the community.

Without a doubt Andre and Pau have exceeded my expectations giving me much more than I could have imagined, they helped me a lot to clarify the message of the brand and where to go - Juan Pisani, Founder & CEO of Kubiro Socks


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