Band Logo for The Mutts

Matt Pike


The Story

I woke up to a message from Justin, the lead singer for The Mutts, telling me he had an idea for a new logo for the band. This is what he sent:

Logo idea for The Mutts — created with MS Paint, obviously

The Process

To start with, I gathered some illustrations of dogs that resembled the above image, and I asked the band to choose one that they liked the most. They went with an English Mastiff — which, as was later pointed out to us, isn't a mutt, but it did give us the rough-around-the-edges look that they had envisioned with their name — so I found some reference images and went to work.

Snapshots of the design process, along with the finished logo

The Result

Once we had the logo, the band sent my files to a local print shop to make stickers and a banner. Here's the banner, as well as The Mutts in their practice space.

Banner printed for the band (note: the background and border weren't from me)
The Mutts in their practice space, deep in the woods of Nova Scotia, Canada

Rock on, fellas. Rock on.

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