POT Plugin - WooCommerce Plugin for foodcoops

Tobias Zimmermann

Frontend Engineer
Web Developer
UI Designer

This project is near and dear to my heart as I am very passionate about sustainable food production. As a member of various food cooperatives I have clearly seen the need for a simple, yet powerful tool that allows foodcoops to be more efficient.

Wordpress and WooCommerce are the ideal platform, as they are widely available, easy to install and maintain, yet highly customizable through plugins and themes. Therefore I chose to develop a plugin that extends Wordpress (with WooCommerce) to be used as an application to manage a foodcoop.

The plugin is in active development and is used by hundreds of users in Switzerland.

Functions include:

  • Custom backend interface developed with React and Material UI
  • Addition of a user wallet with a custom payment gateway
  • Grouping of orders into ordering rounds
  • Custom product table and ordering flow developed with React
  • Custom importing and exporting functions for orders and products (PDF, CSV, XLSX)

Custom backend end

Custom product table and ordering flow

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