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Hey there!

My name is Marleena.

I started writing because I'd always been in-tune with storytelling.

Now, it's branched off into a love of conveying other peoples' stories through whatever medium they see fit.

Isn't it funny with all the hullaballoo we have going on, the one thing we can curl up with is a good old-fashioned story?

As a writer - I eat tone of voice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As an entertainer - I have ideation + lateral thinking in the bag.

Try me! --- Some bits and bobs about me

✏️I'm a creative content + copywriter with a background in performing arts. WAY less embarrassed about most things. Like going the extra mile or a wacky idea. Or doing more. This has never done me wrong except at that one ice cream bar, but don't worry about that.

🔍My favorite television series is Columbo, starring Peter Falk.

🧩✈️I am passionate about solo travel and enigmatology (the study of puzzles)

🌐You can find me @marleenawrites anywhere

🐶 I've always wanted a Basset Hound (I love them...and so I can pretend to be Sherlock Holmes for the rest of my life)

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