We believe in a
better way to work

Do what you love

We believe in professional freedom; in throwing out the traditional
employer-employee model and taking charge of our own careers. That's
why we built Contra - to empower the new independent workforce.

Inspired by

As entrepreneurs ourself, we found that existing
professional networks weren’t built with our needs
in mind. And existing freelancing platforms weren’t
setting us up for success.

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So we set out to rethink the independent professional network
from the ground up, to connect the strongest independent talent
with top startups and forward-thinking companies.


the way it should be

We’re not here to hold you back. We want to enable and
amplify your success. That’s why we’ll never take a cut
from what you earn. It’s just the right thing to do.

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Are you a startup or forward-thinking company
looking for top talent?