Profile & Account

  • Can I add the companies, brands, and agencies that I've worked with?

  • How long does it take to set up my profile?

  • What does it mean to be verified on Contra?

  • Why do I have to wait to unlock all of Contra's features?

General Payouts

  • How does Contra process payouts?

  • What fees does Contra charge for payouts?

  • My ID verification is failing, what should I do?

  • What countries does Contra support for payouts?

  • Does Contra collect and store my Social Security Number (SSN)?

  • How are my payouts secured?

  • What does Contra do with my data?

  • How does Contra make money?

  • When verifying my identity through Stripe, can I only use my SSN (Social Security Number)

  • If I require further payout assistance who can I contact for support?

Paid Projects

  • How do payments work for weekly and monthly recurring projects?

  • How much does it cost to send a proposal?

  • How do Milestone projects work?

  • How do Milestone payments work?

  • What happens if I don’t meet the due dates for Milestone projects?

  • How do I cancel a project?

  • Are upfront payments refundable?

  • Can I get paid upfront when I send a proposal?

  • Can I edit a Milestone project's terms?

  • What project types does Contra support?

  • How do I send a proposal?


  • Why do I have to include a price for my service?

  • What kinds of services can I post on Contra?

  • How do I get hired for my services?

  • What happens if I don't want to add a service?

  • Can I add who I've collaborated with to a service?

  • What are services?


  • I accidentally clicked ‘Not Interested’ on an opportunity. How can I find that opportunity again?

  • How can I find opportunities more specific to me?

  • How do I apply to opportunities from the Discover tab?

  • How do I view opportunities I’ve applied to?

  • What are ‘Matched Opportunities’?

  • Do I need to match all of the listed skills to apply?

  • Are the budgets and timelines on the opportunity cards guaranteed?

  • Why does my feed look empty?

  • Why am I not able to view the Discover page?

For Independent Professionals

  • How can I get a job on Contra?

  • How can I get discovered on Contra?

  • How can I utilize Contra?

  • Can I use Contra if I'm just starting my independent career?

Payouts for Independents

Work Preferences & Availability

  • What is Availability?

  • Why should I set my availability?

  • How do I set my Availability?

  • I don’t see a tool I use listed. What should I do?

  • Will setting Work Preferences disqualify me from any opportunities?

  • I don’t see my language or timezone listed. What should I do?

  • What are Work Preferences?

  • Can I schedule my availability in advance?

  • Where can I access Work Preferences?

  • Why should I update my Work Preferences?


Crypto Payouts

  • How do I recover USDC sent to the wrong blockchain?

  • Is crypto safe to use?

  • How do I set up an Ethereum USDC wallet?

  • Does Contra make a profit from exchange fees?

  • What is USDC?

  • Will Contra ever ask for my private key or seed phrase?

  • Are Crypto payments available in my country?

  • What blockchain network does Contra use for crypto transactions?

  • Why use crypto on Contra?

  • How can I check how much gas fees are?

  • What are Network fees?

  • What is the difference between USDC and USDT?

  • What is a stablecoin?

  • How do I report taxes from payments received via USDC on Contra?

  • What happens if money gets sent to the wrong USDC address?

  • Does my preferred crypto exchange offer USDC withdrawals?

  • How come I never received my crypto payout?



  • What is flexible work?

  • Do I have to pay to use Contra?

  • What makes Contra different from other professional platforms?

  • Who is Contra for?

  • What is the Contra Community? How do I join?

  • What is Contra?

  • If I'm not based in the US, can I still join?

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