Framer design & development for successful startup
Felipe Bottrel • PitchSavior

Client • Mar 26, 2024

Daniel is a Framer monster! He takes the most bizarre briefs and finds a creative way to build them—a true master. But what’s most impressive about him is that he approaches his projects as a business partner and not as a regular vendor. He cares deeply about his customers and does everything and beyond to ensure the project is successful and the customer is delighted. Thanks Daniel, I’m very proud of what we’ve built together!

Adrian Lobko

Client • Dec 13, 2023

I teamed up with the fantastic folks at Design Freaks to switch our website from WordPress to Framer. They did an awesome job setting up breakpoints for all devices, suggesting and making design tweaks, sorting out bugs, and adding cool animations. Thanks to them, our website is now super fast, looks more up-to-date, and, best of all, they're always quick to help with anything that comes up. It's been a great collaboration!

Veronika Křepelová • Agenzy

Client • Dec 11, 2023

Throughout our collaboration with Daniel from Design Freaks on the graphic design of our website and other online assets, I have consistently appreciated his promptness in addressing requests, proactive ideas and consultations (beyond the agreed scope of work), easygoing communication, and the excellent results we achieved together.

Dominik Skoupil

Client • Dec 6, 2023

The collaboration with the Design Freaks team has been exceptionally professional and efficient! I'm eagerly anticipating and looking forward to our continued partnership.

Teaming up with the folks at Design Freaks was an absolute joy! They not only nailed every deadline with a super positive and professional vibe but also crafted the Framer website we were dreaming of, along with all the cool graphics we needed. I highly recommend their design magic.

Michal Barášek

Client • Nov 13, 2023

Working with Daniel from Design Freaks has been fantastic! His expertise in refining our Framer site and his clear communication and guidance for future edits make collaboration a breeze. I'm confident our paths will cross professionally again, and I look forward to collaborating with him in the future.

Damon Nofar • SLIDES™

Client • Oct 30, 2023

Working with Daniel from Design Freaks has been absolutely great! He helped me out with my Framer site and nailed all the edits to perfection. Not only that, he was super easy to communicate with and took the time to list out all the edits for each turnaround, and even explain how to execute it myself for future edits. It's not often you find designers that are exceptional communicators who make the collaboration a smooth experience - but Daniel is one of those exceptions!