Code of Conduct

The Contra Community is made up of Independents and Clients from all over the world. To keep our Community safe, we have some guidelines we’d like everyone to follow.

Show us your best 🎨

Only create projects for work you have created.

Do not share work someone else has created, plagiarized work, or copyrighted/trademarked content.

Be kind and professional 🤝

All communication with Independents, Clients, or Contra team members should be professional and on-topic.

We will not tolerate violent remarks, discrimination, sexual harassment, insults, or any other language that makes another Community member feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Keep your content appropriate 💛

Everything you post on Contra should be appropriate for the workplace.

We do not allow any explicit or obscene content on the platform, including but not limited to nudity, graphic images, or otherwise offensive content.

Only share quality opportunities 💸

Work opportunities should properly compensate the Independent for their time. No unpaid or commission-only opportunities are allowed on the platform.

We showcase services by Independents of all types on Contra, but here are the kinds of services and projects that are not allowed on our platform:

  • Illegal services
  • Spam and/or trolling
  • Inappropriate, obscene, or explicit content
  • Discriminatory language or content
  • Academic services (homework, essay writing, assignments, plagiarism)
  • Fraud
  • Relationship and sexual services
  • Bullying, hate speech, or threats
  • Violence
  • Political or subversive services
  • Anything else Contra deems offensive or illegal

Contra has the right to suspend or ban any user who violates our code of conduct.