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Samantha Taylor
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Receiving an upfront payment as a freelancer is crucial because it provides financial security and protects against non-payment or delayed payment. When a client pays a deposit or a portion of the total payment upfront, it ensures that the freelancer is compensated for their time and effort.

It also shows that the client is committed to the project and values the freelancer's work. Moreover, upfront payment can help freelancers manage their finances and cover any expenses related to the project.

It can also act as a safeguard against unscrupulous clients who may try to avoid paying for services rendered. In short, receiving an upfront payment is an important step in ensuring the success and sustainability of a freelancer's business.

In today’s blog, we are going to teach you how to get paid as a freelancer upfront so you never miss a payment

Why would a Client Not Pay a Freelancer? 😢

Of course, there are always situations that are out of your control when it comes to Clients not paying a freelancer. Here are a few 👇

  1. Client Disputes the Quality of Work: In some cases, a client may dispute the quality of work that a freelancer has provided. This could lead to the client refusing to pay until the freelancer makes changes to the work or agrees to a lower rate. Freelancers can avoid this scenario by clarifying project expectations upfront and seeking feedback from clients during the project to ensure their work meets client expectations.
  2. Client is Financially Unstable: A client may not pay a freelancer if they are financially unstable or unable to pay for services. In this case, freelancers should take steps to protect their interests by setting up payment schedules, requesting deposits, or taking legal action if necessary.
  3. Client is Unresponsive: A client may not pay a freelancer if they become unresponsive or difficult to reach. This can be frustrating for freelancers, especially if they have already completed the work. To avoid this scenario, freelancers should establish clear communication channels with clients and follow up regularly to ensure that they receive payment on time. They should also consider including penalties for late payment in their payment terms to encourage clients to pay promptly.

This is why we’ve built the tools at Contra to help protect you from doing work and missing payment.

Contra Tooling 🛠️

At Contra, we understand the importance of financial stability for freelancers. That's why we have built upfront payments into our platform to help freelancers avoid the uncertainty and risk of delayed or non-payment.

By allowing freelancers to receive a portion of the payment upfront, they can focus on their work and have the peace of mind that they will be compensated for their time and effort. Upfront payments also demonstrate a commitment from clients and reduce the risk of last-minute project cancellations. By integrating this feature into our platform, we aim to make it easier for freelancers to manage their finances and build a sustainable business.

How-To Create your Upfront Payment 💸

  1. Navigate to your Projects + Invoices tab
  2. Choose "Send Proposal"
  3. Fill out relevant information
  4. Navigate to "Payments and Timeline"
  5. Select "Flat Fee"
  6. Add Upfront Payment amount
  7. Review + Send 📩

Inviting Clients On/Off of Contra 📧

At Contra, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with clients. While our platform provides a variety of tools to help freelancers and clients collaborate on projects, there may be situations where you want to work with a client outside of Contra.

To invite a client to a paid project contract outside of Contra, you can use our platform to initiate a conversation with the client and discuss the terms of the project. Once the terms have been agreed upon, you can draft a contract that outlines the scope of work, payment terms, and any other relevant details.

You can then send the contract to the client for review and sign!

Your Work is your Livelihood 🚀

As a freelancer, your work is more than just a job - it's a passion. That's why getting paid for your services isn't just important, it's empowering! By valuing your time, expertise, and unique perspective, you send a message to clients that your work is truly valuable. Get paid for your passion and let your freelancing career soar to new heights.

Our blog — The Contrarian — is full of valuable advice for Independents, with guides on essential topics, such as setting rates, communicating with clients, invoicing, work-from-home equipment, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, you’re sure to find helpful articles to help drive your career. 

Guide to Flexible Projects by The Contrarian

This guide will go over a few different ways you can utilize tools on Contra to kickstart your Paid Projects!
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